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By ajay



Welcome to Grows on You. Thank you for following the link in the October issue of Kitchen Garden. We do hope you like Grows on You and join us :)

Looking through the issue of Kitchen Garden I thought about what I could highlight from the issue that we also talked about here on Grows on You.

I would just like to mention out our very own Mark who not only displayed at Shrewsbury flower shower, but also won an award or two. Check out Mark’s plot and also the photos he has uploaded from The Shrewsbury Flower Show.

Or, why not see the question asked on aubergines. I personally am going to follow the aubergine and polenta recipe from the magazine.

When talking about blight, why not have a look at how our very own Peter’s tomatoes suffered from blight this year.

Anyway, we are a friendly bunch and we do hope you join us.

Happy gardening.

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