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Here we go again!


By acermad


Does anyone remember my 2 Acers being stolen from my front garden last year? Well, I invested in a CCTV, a bargain at £79 from Amazon, and after many months of peace, I risked buying another red dissected Acer. After 6 months, it was stolen. While viewing the SD card, the tree was plainly visible at 02:55hrs. At 02:55 & 10 seconds, it was gone! That leads me to think it was possibly a neighbour. My reason is simple, who had enough time to watch my device long enough to work out that there is a 10 second delay on the camera?! Certainly not someone who was just ‘walking through!’
I was absolutely incensed, but whoever bought it will be incensed too……………..‘cos it won’t survive being yanked out of the ground at this time of year.
I now have a new Acer at the front, but not in the border. I have put it in a pot in the middle of the garden. Now the 10 second delay just won’t be enough!! Haha!!

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what rotters.........I wonder if you could get a motion senser?

8 Aug, 2012


Hi,Acermad! Have sent you a PM!!!

8 Aug, 2012


Gosh how awful Acermad

8 Aug, 2012


What a shame!! People can be really horrible at times.

8 Aug, 2012


Sorry to hear about your Acers. You just can't believe the nerve of some people can you?
I hope your solution works for you.

9 Aug, 2012


B******s! How about wiring the Acer to the mains? (I'm not very nice am I?). Good luck this time. :-)

20 Aug, 2012


Sorry to hear that AM, I wonder if you could stake the next one into the ground somehow, maybe bury a stake and have a hidden piece of wire attached to some root so they cant walk off with it.

21 Aug, 2012

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