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Deer Oh Deer


By Xela


We love living in Buckinghamshire surrounded by such beautiful countryside and feel privileged to be able to watch wildlife visitors from the house. We have a variety of birds ranging from the occasional sparrowhawk and red kite to the shy, little wren, foxes and badgers, bats and field mice.
Occasionally we have muntjac deer, this one was first spotted just outside Shenstone’s back door back in early February.
We watched and photographed it from the landing window. But, horror of horrors, as it explored the garden it came across a white heather planted quite recently …. and proceeded to eat it !
I had blamed the birds for eating the tops of the crocuses planted in the same bed last autumn, but I think the muntjac have developed a taste for these and tulip shoots.
Shenstone’s garden seems to have become more popular recently with the muntjac deer. This one was spotted at the bottom of the garden on Friday last week.

We are considering introducing a deer scarer into our plans for the garden ….. perhaps decorating will have to give way to pond-digging this Easter !

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Wildlife are good at finding a decent restaurant :-)

10 Mar, 2008


Very true Andrew. Xela, you will have to do something soon as I'm sure that your visitor went back and gave his dinner a five star rating to all his family and friends :)

10 Mar, 2008


Well here's a chance for some indepth research...
how do you change the discourage walk in trade. lol.
I have some personal experience with the whitetailed deer here in Canada. I have seen a deer clear an eight foot fence with three feet to spare!!!lol. Walls won't keep them out.
Don't know much about muntjac deer, they look diminutive and harmless.(unless you're a tulip) Think I'll try to give it a google.
interesting reading I'm sure.
Good Luck and if I find anything interesting I'll post.

10 Mar, 2008


Maybe it's my imagination, but it looks to me as if the deer in that last picture is laughing!

11 Mar, 2008


Hi Lori,
Many thanks for your research on deer and gardens, and web address of The Gardener's Network.
My son's hair reached down to his shoulder blades until a few days ago when he got a friend to cut it for him. I think he put the cuttings in the compost bin, so in the short term I shall fish some out and 'plant' it as suggested on that website in Samantha's bed.

12 Mar, 2008

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