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I am a retired executive PA, who loves gardening, but not very knowledgable. I adore roses and trees of any kind. I have a fairly large south facing back garden with sandy soil. It is enriched by our own compost, with which we mulch as required. My front north facing garden is composed of a rockery garden topped by a small lawn. The rockery garden is tiered and in desparate need of weeding, but every time I attempt to move a weed or a stone, I uncover hundreds of ants. I know very little about rockery gardening and as I also have Arthritis I find I have to pace myself. My husband is very limited in his time and only manages to mow the four lawns and do a little maintenance, so it is very much down to me. My two adult daughters have returned to live with us temporarily, and my elder daughter is very green fingered but only enjoys the greenhouse and her pots.

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