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The unhappy oak

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If some of you have followed my questions, you will know that I’m having problems with an oak with white mould. Over the last week I’ve been looking around and have noticed the same condition on quite a few different trees, all oaks, but all in different areas of the town that I live in. Is this mould just a typical oak condition that is common, and i needn’t worry or is this a new problem that’s effecting oaks?
I have never really paid small oak trees that much notice before.

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Hello Robert,
I have been googling for you, but have found nothing concrete about white fungus growing on oaks. The sudden death for oaktrees comes from a fungus, but it was not mentioned if it was a white fungus. And I am not saying that your oak has that disease either. It is interesting to know other trees in your town. You can do two things to find out: scrape some of the affected area and take it to a plant pathologist. You have to look in your local phonebook to see if there is one in your town. Even the nursery might know. You could also do some internet researching, it takes time, you have to go to specific English websites. The other thing you can do is: go to your local Shire and ask them who is in charge of parks, road side trees etc. Ask those people if they have noticed a change in the oak trees and what they are going to do about it. Oh and there is a third thing: the environmentalists in your town would love to know about it, if they don't already. If no one listens to you: go to the newspapers and ask them to come and have a look at them and do a write up about it. You will get an answer rather sooner than later. I hope you can save your oak!

29 Jul, 2008

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