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Black Butterfly


I beleive that this is an escapee from a Butterfly garden that i live near, though it would have had to travel a good two miles to get to my garden. I hope you all enjoy it.

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Looks great, We should ask Diohio what it is , she will know!

18 Jul, 2008


What a beauty!

18 Jul, 2008


What a great picture of a beautiful butterfly. I'm glad you had your camera ready!

18 Jul, 2008


Sorry, I don't know UK butterflies but I did a search on them and this guy wasn't one of them. I'm thinking that this is as Robert escapee from a butterfly exhibit. I'd say it's a Swallowtail at any rate. Very beautiful ! It does seem that it really is a very deep royal blue though, rather than black. The red on the abdomen is very distinct too.

6 Sep, 2008


One more suggestion.....Robert, you should visit that butterfly garden near you and ask for a list of the species that they keep there. Or else describe your butterfly to them and they may be able to tell you.

6 Sep, 2008


Google is a wonderful thing!
This is a Pink Rose Swallowtail butterfly, Pachliopta Kotzebuea.
It is native to the Phillipines, The Pachlioptas from southeast Asia have a varied amount of red on the abdomen and lower wings, this subspecies has the least amount of red. They are generally called Black Swallowtails by the people of the Phillipines.

6 Sep, 2008

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