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New windchimes! I finally found the


By Raquel


windchimes I said I wanted to add to my garden early in the spring! I started looking for them in May, and it wasn’t that I didn’t find any, because I did, but they always had something that made them not quite what I was looking for. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted, I just had a general idea – a feeling, more like it – so I did argue with myself that the ones I had found were good enough. Several times I almost bought one. But then I would really mull it over and decide against it.

What was wrong with them you ask? Well, some were too expensive – I really didn’t want to spend $30 or $50 dollars on windchimes! much as I love them – some were too big or too small – some had too much plastic (and I was scared would not withstand the direct sun my balcony gets or fly away in the wind) and looked cheap; I liked some wooden ones but they were too long and in the end I decided I wanted the tinkly sound of metal rather than wood – not that wood isn’t nice…some were just too ugly. So – it had to be affordable, cute in a whimsical way, have some nice metal chimes and have some heft to it. Mmm yeah, I know, like I was going to find windchimes meeting ALL that criteria! LOL And I didn’t for months until NOW!!

I found them totally by chance at Pier 1 Imports (I don’t know if they have these in the UK or Canada) – they were on sale – 50% off!! so I got them for $14.95. The design has little wooden fishes and a tiger and plastic beads PLUS the chimes are made of copper! So I got my metal and my cute but whimsical design. It’s made in India. It was the only one left, in fact it was the display piece – I usually don’t like to ask for anything out of the ordinary in stores, but I liked it so much I dared to ask if they would sell it to me, because there were none left on the floor. And they did! So here is my new acquisition:

Here you can see the little fishies and the beads:

I didn’t notice this until I got home, but the top is made of heart-shaped metal pieces! How cute is that? :

And last but not least. here’s the tiger and underneath it, there’s an upside down blue heart!:

Sometimes waiting really does pay off! =)

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Oh they are lovely Raquel,I also love windchimes,have about 5 in my garden.Bought some nice ones in Philadelphia,my son is married and living there 10yrs.So every year we go over i buy 1.Enjoy your windchimes......

26 Jul, 2009


Very nice Raquel. I didn't realise you were so high up until I saw these pics.

26 Jul, 2009


Pleased to know that perseverance paid off and you have the wind chimes you like. :o)

26 Jul, 2009


Glad you found exactly the ones you wanted and they will tinkle ( ? ) in the breeze.We live near the coast and the sea breezes would knock spots off the fishes and stripes off the tigers .. not so much chime as clatter lol

26 Jul, 2009


Well done Raquel, There Gorgeous..

26 Jul, 2009


They do look very pretty. However....I hope your neighbours like them too......I have a friend who lived next door to someone who had windchimes in their garden and it drove her crazy....tinkle...tinkle.....all day........and all night. After a few weeks she plucked up the courage to speak to her neighbour about them.......fortunately they moved them indoors..>:))))

26 Jul, 2009


Agree Amblealice. A friend of mine had them in her neighbour's garden and they nearly drove her mad. She asked for them to be moved nearer to the neighbours's house, but they wouldn't so she took them to court - and won.

26 Jul, 2009


Thank you all for your nice comments -
Thank you Mobee, I plan to!
Hywel, yes, up on the third floor...
BB we get wind here, and being on the third floor sometimes more than usual...I may have to bring them in sometimes...
Thanks TT - I'm glad I persevered...
Thank you Youngdaisydee, glad you like them!
Anmblealice and Ginellie, my neighbors are nice single young men who are NEVER home, I've seen them just passing by...they are also completely uninterested in flowers, pots or gardening...I think if I took over their part of the balcony they wouldn't even notice..hee hee - so they're unlikely to hear the chimes much or if they do, to care. My neighbor's girlfriend did say she loved the smell of all the flowers on my side of the balcony, though. That's their extent of their comments. Lucky me! But so far they haven't chimed yet. They do look pretty hanging there, though. =)

26 Jul, 2009


hello Raquel!

I create beautiful glass wind chimes from stained glass, semi precious crystals (amethysts, rose quartz, topaz) and glass beads. I have several hanging around the house..and the sound tinkling crystal glasses and sparkling diamonds!! I also sell them in specialized artist boutiques locally where I live. If you want to check out some of my work, click here: and if anyone wants to know how to make stained glass wind chimes, I have written an article on how to make them too: I also give step by step instructions on how to create mosaics, steppings stones for the garden too in my other articles! Enjoy the read and give me your feedback!!

4 Aug, 2009


Thanks Kmartel - I'll check it out when I have time - my computer ha sbeen having problems lately and I can't always connect.

9 Aug, 2009

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