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The summer heat has


By Raquel


affected my garden quite a bit. I was in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a conference for 5 days, and even though I left the plants with aqua globes (Larry could not water the plants this time) some were affected more than others. I keep hoping it will rain and relieve us a little bit, but even though I’ve seen tempting dark clouds hovering over Houston since Thursday, it has yet to rain…!! Sigh. Amazingly the new rose actually flowered while I was away – here is a picture of how the dry flowers looked:

The geraniums have suffered as well; we are well into the season when they get very ugly – it’s just too hot for them, poor things – so the leaves get yellowed and dry, many fall off, but if you’re patient, the geraniums will rebound and be beautiful again in the Fall -or what passes for Fall in Houston, when the temperature drops into the seventies and eighties. This is how they look now:

The caladium leaves actually dried up and died – or so I thought – but my mom told me to cut them off and keep watering the plant, as they would probably re-grow – and they did! Here the aqua globes saved me as they kept the plants watered enough so my stay in New Mexico didn’t kill them:

The impatiens couldn’t handle the heat though – they’re in ceramic pots, too which made it hotter for them – and also seemed to die. The white impatien was too far gone to save, but I noticed that the red impatien has begun to grow shoots! expecially arouund the area near the aqua globe. So I have kept it watered and hope the plant will survive:

This is the only thing left of the white impatien – a hole in the pot!:

The rangoon climber also got some of its leaves crisped….as has the poor fern:

Even the marigolds were feeling the heat – the tops got a little dry:

The banana plant always amazes me – in spite of it being in a pot, and the fact that it drinks water almost constantly (the aqua globe in this case lasts two days) it always sends up new shoots, and this year is no different – here it is with the new leaf!:

Keeping my fingers crossed that it will rain soon! Though right now at 3:20pm, we’re hitting 98 F + humidity (38 C) sighhhh…

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I do hope you get siome rain soon Raquel. Its heartbreaking to see your hard work wilting away........

18 Jul, 2009


Oh Raquel...wish we could send you some of our rain !

18 Jul, 2009


Can totally relate to your gardening woes Raquel - our summers here are also very harsh and rather unforgiving. I lose so much during summer and what's left has to be considered champions just to get through - even if they're not the prettiest plants, I will keep them just because they've survived.

19 Jul, 2009


How dispiriting to come home and find all your plants in such a sorry state but it's amazing how they recover with a bit of TLC and a ready watering can. We had no rain and very hot (for us) temperatures for several weeks and it was all a bit of a struggle but now the plants are all getting drowned! We gardeners are never happy ...:-(

19 Jul, 2009


Well done you, Raquel, on persevering with your plants despite the dry weather :o)

19 Jul, 2009


Sorry your getting alot of dry weather, wish i could send you are rain and you could send us some nice weather over here.

19 Jul, 2009


that was interesting, reading about a gardener with such different challenges.
Hope the ones that will survive will feel happier soon now you are back. They just missed your company!

19 Jul, 2009


Thanks everyone for your comments - we finally had a thunderstorm on Saturday, so the plants got some water - though this morning the humidity was through the roof!

I wish I could send you all some sun and you send us the rain!

I sometimes think summer here is equal to winter in northern climates. But I have to say this summer has been the hottest one since I moved to Houston.

Supposedly we will be getting a very unusual "cool front" this week - I'm doubtful, it's July, but at the same time hopeful - this evening the temperature started dropping and we are now at 80 F! Positively chilly for July! LOL

20 Jul, 2009


Raquel - that's been our winter temp here up until last week!!

20 Jul, 2009


Is that the low? Or the highest? - right now we're at 86 F and it's already noon so it's a safe bet we won't go too high today...

21 Jul, 2009


Most of our winter days so far have been around the 25-26 degrees C / 80 F - that's the highest temp. Our nights have been a little cooler and during August (end of winter) it does get a bit cooler during the day.

22 Jul, 2009


That's nice weather, Bernieh.

23 Jul, 2009

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