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By Raquel


It’s summer now in Houston, hot and humid and generally miserable – it is 93 in the evening (about 34 C I think ) so you can imagine what it was at noon…! This has meant I have been looking at my container garden and seeing what needed togo and what else I could plant and or rescue…my ten days in Greece didn’t help, but Larry did come water them and the aqua globes worked so most survived…only the strawberries died (but expected that)…the roses were eaten alive by the aphids, but I pruned them and sprayed them and hopefully they’re on their way to recovery!

I decided to try caladiums in the shady part of the stairwell after the orange tuberose begonia died…it never acclimated itself to that spot, and yet couldn’t handle the sun…so it just wilted…I’m hoping these caladiums “Florida sweetheart” will have better luck!

I also couldn’t resist a new geranium! I bought a new scnetd leaved geranium called “Attar of Roses” – the scent is between lemon balm and rose – the flowers are supposed to be lavender, but it hasn’t flowered yet…

I love petunias but have never been able to replicate the bounty and beauty of some white petunias I had three years ago….the deep purple petunias all died and the deep/bright magenta were still flowering but very straggly and burnt…so I decided to remove them and put portulaca “sundial mix” in its place…I love how portulaca’s flowers kind of look like a rose, the variety of colors and best of all, that it doesn’t die in the heat! One little petunia plant survived so I left it among the moss rose….

As I had said earlier in the Spring, I wanted to get some purple coneflower (echinacea) this year…it finally got hot enough to find them in the garden centers, so I bought two little plants of “Bravado” echinacea and one of French Dwarf “Safari Bolero” marigolds and put them in the pot that last year housed the grape tomatoes:

And today I couldn’t help myself – I just HAd to buy this little miniature rose, it has no name, but the color is lovely…orangey-peachy with tinges of rosy red…keeping my fingers crossed it does well!

Of course some plants just haven’t done well…the coleus and spotted plants never quite liked their spot on the shady stairwell – they were plagued by mushrooms and did not grow much…thinking they might need some sun, I put them on a part of the balcony that gets sun but also shade, but it seems they can’t handle the Texas sun…here they are, pretty much on their way out, I think, rip little plants (sigh):

Still looking for some vines and being tempted by bougianvillea…haven’t made up my mind about them yet! LOL

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Sure sounds like a hot summer - know what's that like! Shame about your begonia and petunias - I definitely think the portulaca will flourish. Hope the coleus and the hypoestes come through for you. Gardening is such trial and error! Love the rose - that's a beautiful colour. A miniature bougainvillea would most certainly survive your summer as they survive ours - and there are such fabulous colours now.

13 Jun, 2009


Great blog, super pics. Don't envy you your weather. It must make gardening a real challenge. I agree with Bernieh; the rose is lovely, most unusual. Hope it thrives.

13 Jun, 2009


Erm no Raquel we Brits cant imagine what it was like at noon as your evening temps would see many of us wilting let alone our plants !

Have to bow to Margeurite and Bernieh who would know ..

13 Jun, 2009


Thanks Bernieh - yes, it gets hot and humid here! Houstonians are saying that it's hot for June though, and it seems that way to me...but then I really hate it when it gets this hot!! Maybe the plants will rally...we'll see..there is such a mystery to gardening, because sometimes plants that should do well in a particular area just seem to have a mind of their own! lol

Thanks Marguerite - I am watering every day now, and yes, most plants have perked up...=)

Thank you bigbumblebee! Right now it's when I wish I lived up north! Maine, Montana, Canada, Alaska...sighh! I fantasize it'll get cold enough for polar do love the color of the rose, I also hope it likes it on my balcony!

LOL BB...well I heard today the highest temp was 100 F, would that be around 40 C? I refused to set foot outside until 5:00pm this afternoon! =)

14 Jun, 2009


I like your rose. I hope it survives the heat.

14 Jun, 2009


Thanks Hywel. And this one has scent too! I hope so- it should, the other three do - it's the aphids that get them...The red one is about to bloom again.

16 Jun, 2009

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