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By Raquel


It’s pruning time in Texas, at least it is in Houston and I have to admit pruning always scares me. I know it;s necessary, but I always think I am going to kill the plant – mostly I prune my miniature roses. But I know once I see the crape myrtles pruned (they are pruned quite hard in Houston, maybe that’s why they flower so much in the summer!) I know it’s time to get the roses pruned.

So I spent yesterday pruning away and planting the new red geranium I bought (for $3!).

I have six plants that are in plastic pots, and slowly I have been buying big ceramic pots to put them in so they don’t get blown down by the wind…today was quite windy and I was hoping to get some more, but I only managed to find one yesterday. I have two now, 4 to go!

Here are the roses, newly pruned. The white rose is in the big ceramic pot.

This is the crape myrtle, very pruned indeed:

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They look very neat and tidy. I'm sure you will be rewarded with lots of lovely flowers. :o)

9 Feb, 2009


Pruning can be a bit unnerving - you're never quite sure if you took too much or not enough - but I think you will get even more magnificent flowers. Lovely colour on the geranium too.

9 Feb, 2009


The right task at the right time.
Well done :o)

9 Feb, 2009


Not yet pruning time for roses here, I do mine in early March. I did start on the Clematis before the hard frosts and then snow arrived. I can't do any more at the moment - and my fingers are itching to get going out there!

9 Feb, 2009


An old neighbour of mine used to like growing roses. He then had a stroke and it affected his speach. When he saw me pruning my roses he used to say " Down them !! " That's all he could manage .

9 Feb, 2009


Thanks Gilli, Bernieh and TT. I hope so!

Marguerite: maybe! I know I should probably prune them more but I can't bring myself to...I've improved though! A couple years back I barely touched them! lol

Spritz: At least February is a short month! =) I hope you'll soon be able to be outside again...believe it or not I am also itching to plant morning glory or some vine, and can't yet because it's still too cold and those flowers haven't arrived yet!

Hywel: how terrible, poor man! It's so hard to lose your ability to speak. My dad had a stroke last July and lost the ability to speak...with daily therapy and lots of prayers he has regained most of it's maddening to him as he can think quickly but cannot express it verbally quickly. So we all learned patience in this last year. I should take your neighbor's advice though - I'll think "down them"! when I hesitate to prune... hee hee

10 Feb, 2009

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