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Strawberry fields forever, part 2.


By Raquel


I had thought I was done with strawberries come December. I had finally pulled the last alpine strawberries from their pot (or thought I had) when I left for El Salvador for three weeks. I did the same with the tomato plant.

I figured they were gone, as I didn’t think Larry would water what I thought were bare empty pots. I didn’t expect him to, either. I wouldn’t have!

But when I came back, lo and behold, the strawberries had sprouted again! And so had the grape tomato plant!

Since I think any plant that re-sprouts deserves a chance to live, but remembering that the alpine strawberries gave me flowers but no fruit, I opted to buy two little strawberry plants at Wabash and add them to the strawberry pot. These are not alpine strawberries. They even had berries on them!

I put one in one of the pockets that di dnot have anything in it, and the other I planted at the top, moving the alpine strawberry plant a little to the side to get them both to fit.

So now I have the alpine strawberries I grew from seed and the ones I just bought – they are called Quinault and are grown by Smith Nursery in – I kid you NOT – Liverpool, Texas!!

Here is the strawberry pot:

Since growing berries interests me (in containers of course…if I had a small garden I would probably try a bush blueberry) I also bought the book “The Berry Grower’s Companion” by Barbara L. Bowling. I didn’t realize it was meant for commercial growers! =0 But it’s still very interesting and useful.

(Yes, I do like the Beatles, in case anyone was wondering). =)

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I like the beatles too Raquel. but not strawberries. lol
I hope you enjoy them.

3 Feb, 2009


Good for you, Raquel - I hope they thrive! My grandfather used to sprinkle pepper on his strawberries - he said it brought out the flavour. Not me!

(I like the Beatles too).

3 Feb, 2009


great blog. i love strawberrys. pepper? no. beatles

3 Feb, 2009


Strawberries Yum, Beatles Yum!

3 Feb, 2009


I love the Beatles too. Well done with the strawberries Raquel. I hope they produce some more berries for you.

3 Feb, 2009


Thank you all for your comments!

Hywel, how could you not like strawberries??! Isn't that a little un-British? (just kidding here) =)

I don't think I'll be putting pepper on mine, Spritz...can't imagine it...

I like my berries either with cream (not sour cream) and sprinkled with sugar or plain just the berry itself. If they're good, they really need no embellishment!

I'm glad we all agree the Beatles are (still) cool! =)

4 Feb, 2009

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