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Organization. Early spring cleaning?


By Raquel


I have been attacked by the cleaning-up bug – it’s still a bit lethargic but as I clean I can feel myself being seduced by visions of even more pristine cleanliness surrounding me…ahhhh..heaven!

No, I don’t have OCD! LOL In fact sometimes I tend to work more to keep my plants looking good and the balcony clean than controlling the messiness in my apartment. 2008 was a difficult year so perhaps I was also a bit depressed, who knows, but I just did not really want to do much of anything INSIDE my apt!

So I’m happy that right now I feel the need to clean, to organize, to put away and throw away, to give what is still useful to charity (or at least put it in bags to do so!).

Interestingly enough as I do this I find myself getting happier, more at peace and in control, and more able to deal with work – preparing syllabi, the annual report, thinking of articles.

Even though I tend to be messy, I don’t like messiness – a huge contradiction, I know, but there it is!

I am able to concentrate and think better when things around me are tidy. I used to think this was a procrastination technique, and it still might be, but I do find I get more done if I’m organized FIRST.

Oh the apt won’t be perfect – but I think it will be better, and hopefully I will be able to keep it up and finish the things that are left throughout this year.


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I fee the same way Raquel, Iv'e been sorting out Wardrobes and making use of the new Loft space, :) if my home is disorganised, my mind feels disorganised, or maybe my spring cleaning is me wishing spring was here...Ahhhh Spring :))))))

18 Jan, 2009


Well done Raquel, this is spiritual cleansing in the sense of starting over again. Since injuring my back I found it best to keep on the move rather than sitting down all day so no hiding place for dust!

18 Jan, 2009


I think you sound like the majority of us Raquel,we do tend to get fidgety at this time of year, and as we can't do that much outside at the mo tend to ferret around the house !! i agree you do feel better about yourself.Don't know about your weather but as we get more light in England we feel more 'awake' like coming out of hibernation,yes Daisydee roll on Spring!!!!

18 Jan, 2009


They do say it is good for the soul (cleaning) I believe it has something to do with the coming of Spring.

18 Jan, 2009


Must admit i can't stand being untidy, every thing as to be in its own place, if i get something out i make sure i put it back where it belongs when i've finished with it.

19 Jan, 2009


Think I've been attacked by a similar bug, my kitchen has been almost totally gutted from top to bottom and I plan to continue. I call it spring cleaning because it prepares you for spring, so that you will be able to devote all time to the GARDEN again! (thank God). This year I am keeping an eye for things in my home I no longer use that could go in the garden-an idea I've gotten off GOY. :)

19 Jan, 2009


LOL, I am in the middle of spring cleaning my kitchen, and just stopped for a break! Yesterday it was the bedroom and the sitting room and stairs 'got it' when I took the Christmas decorations down! Thank goodness I only have a small house, when you 'really go for it' it's tiring!
I too can be untidy and messy but don't like, if tidy it makes me feel generally better and more organised. Like you Raquel, I didn't do much last year and also feel better that I want to do it this year!
Now the sun has come out to highlight what has not been done, and I am rejuvenated enough to go and finish it!

19 Jan, 2009


I'm trying to be motivated to clean inside but with the weather and the lack of sun I find I get very depressed. I have managed to clean out kitchen cupboards and clean the shelves and tops of the doors etc. But with so many people (teenagers are very messy) living in our house, nothing I do seems to last more than 5 minutes. I would much rather be outside cleaning up out there but I can't even see the bottom of the garden through the fog let alone the grass or anything else because of the snow.....Oh, I'm just having a good moan. My plan for today is to clean up the linen cupboard. Wish me luck !!!!!!

19 Jan, 2009


Thanks everyone for all your comments...I've had a hectic few weeks as we started the new semester and I had a ton of work all piled up....aughh! I do think it's a kind of spiritual cleansing as well as a physical's an on-going process, my cleaning up also doesn't seem to last too long! But at least I have the energy to do something about it...I don't think I'm depressed anymore...I;ve also been walking to try to lose a couple pounds and just be healthier...The weather in Houston is generally warm/hot/unbearably hot, but these last two weeks have been unseasonably cold...! However we are getiing more light and I think that helps...hurry up Spring! We're all waiting for you!

1 Feb, 2009

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