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Ghost Dog & Moon.


By Raquel


Last Sunday as I was walking to 5:30pm mass (late as usual, but really, the priest should be used to it by now he knows I’ll wander in eventually!) and it was twilight, there was enough light to see but not to distinguish people or animals very well. Walking by a green open space that’s used as a community dog park (though it’s not fenced) I suddenly saw a red blinking light moving very fast over the grass…for a minute I didn’t quite get what it was until I saw it chase what looked like a ball that also lit up but with a white light – like the red light, it blinked on an off – it was a dog chasing a ball! The red light was its collar, and since the dog had dark fur, you couldn’t really see it in the gathering dusk…I had a good laugh at my ghost dog and shook my head in amazement at the ingenuity of people…today I saw another dog with the same type of red blinking collar, and figure they must be catching on in Houston…

After mass I was amazed at the beautiful moon and Venus and Jupiter, which were extremely bright…it was quite cold Sunday and Monday (3 C-6 C), and very windy so there were no clouds…Sunday night the arrangement of the moon and planets was beautiful but not quite as spectacular as it was Monday night…I read in the papers that you would be able to see with the naked eye a bluish-gray shadow of the full moon on the bright yellow crescent of the new moon but I was skeptical…but you really could! It was spectacular! It was supposed to be even better in Europe – did anyone else catch it? I guess maybe not, with all the snow and rain you’ve been having…=(

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Good morning Raquel

Good blog.
Some people saw it in the UK but I was not fortunate.

4 Dec, 2008


we use a reflective armband when we bring Tay out at night, the armband fits over her normal collar.
did see the moon on monday night Raquel but didnt manage to get a photo, Hywel did tho, he has it posted on his homepage

4 Dec, 2008


I'd quite like a reflective collar for Henry when we accidentally leave the gate from the back garden open and he runs into the main garden. In the almost complete darkeness I just can't find him - and he really is naughty, not coming to me when he's called, he thinks it's a game!

I have seen the moon like that before, but not this week. Wonderful sight!

4 Dec, 2008


~we have collars with red flashing lights for our boxers but a while ago tried out these tubes which went round the neck and formed a continuous band of red fluorescent light ~they spooked quite a few people out in the dark~so gone back to the flashing sort!

4 Dec, 2008


I saw it here in Wales Raquel and I put a photo of it on this site. But only the moon and Venus.

There's said to be a ghost dog living near here. I've never seen it though.

4 Dec, 2008


Thanks Michaella. That's too bad that you didn't get to see it. =(

I suppose that works just as well, Irish - I had never seen collars the light up until now, but they certainly catch your attention! I saw Hywel's picture, it looks good!

Naughty Henry! I guess then maybe it'snot so much the color of the dog's fur that makes them so hard to see, but how much light is out there...The only dogs I could see at the dog park at dusk were white. And none of those were wearing the collar that lit up.

I saw the tube yesterday, Arlene! I guess maybe that's why they flash because to warn you more that something's there...=) From far away it just looks like a red tube floating down the

I saw your picture Hywel, it looks nice! I couldn't take any as my camera just isn't good enough for night photos...=(
You mean like a real ghost? That would be interesting! Weeell I guess it would depend on whether it was supposed to be a nice ghost dog - wouldn't want to run itno an angry dog, ghost or not!

7 Dec, 2008


~ it's pitch black on the local golf course and we need the collars to know where the dogs are~also because there may be cows lying down it helps to take a torch~I quite liked the tube collar as they were really bright~ however one of the local residents was talking about these devil dogs that he had seen~so decided not a good idea!

7 Dec, 2008


We also have very little street light here in the neighborhood - mmm maybe they could make them in another color, like green, which has more positive connotations! =)

7 Dec, 2008

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