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By Raquel


I don’t know what happened, maybe the hurricane stirred up eggs and larvae, because after the storm I’ve seen some of the biggest flying insects I’ve ever seen! I think most of them are dragonflies, though there is one that is brilliant red which looks more like a mini-helicopter. Especially right after the storm, the dragonflies where everywhere. It was amazing tp watch them fly about shimmering bronze and yellow. At least, I think they’re dragonflies!

I also saw, on Sunday, as I began to put my containers back out on the balcony, a hummingbird!! I just about fell over, because I had NEVER seen one, certainly not so close to me, and it surprised me, because I don’t have any sugar water that would attract hummingbirds. He was brilliant green and hovered just a few seconds (could he have been looking for water? I usually put some out but that day hadn’t done so yet) before disappearing. Maybe he was just confused and had been blown to the wrong garden by the wind!

I wish I had pictures of all these, but everything happened too quickly.

I’ve also noticed my container garden attracting more insects, I now see spiders, wasps (at least two different kinds), and some bees (but they seem to be too big to be honeybees, then again, I’ve never really seen honeybees up close!). So I’m happy that my garden is attracting more insects and birds.
That can only be good in this urban environment.

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Maybe they all blew in on the wings of the Hurricane.

28 Sep, 2008


I thought that too.
Perhaps they'll find their way home soon, but it must have been a great experience to see them.
Pitty you weren't able to take photos.

28 Sep, 2008


Any port in a storm eh Raquel ? Perhaps they didnt recognize the neighbourhood after so much got re - arranged. Thats always the way isnt it seem to see the most stunning things when your camera not right to hand, Still you wont forget the lovely experience and thrill you got from seeing them.

28 Sep, 2008


Thanks for your comments, yes it seems that way, that the hurricane blew them in...I've still seen a couple of the dragonflies but not near as many now...and not another sighting of the hummingbird. So maybe he went back to better gardens! Usually what happens to me is when I carry my camera I don't see anything too interesting and when I don't, I do!! lol

4 Oct, 2008

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