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The plants sheltered in place.


By Raquel


And happily, they all survived the hurricane! We were told late Thursday that everything that was on the balconies had to be moved and stored away…I wondered what to do as I pondered the logistics of moving all my plants inside. I didn’t think they’d do well, it would get hot, and how was I going to water them? I had to think that they could be inside my apt for at least two days, without air conditioning, if not more. In the end I decided to move them to the landing on the side of the stairs. It has two walls and I knew that in the Spring the structure had been reinforced and the landing actually rebuilt. So I thought the plants would be safe there. It was a risk, the winds could have been worse and ripped off the walls and the roof, but thankfully it wasn’t. It was hideously hot and humid on Friday (the saying that it gets unbearably hot right before a hurricane and cools off right after turned out to be true!) so I watered them and perhaps even overwatered, since I knew that for sure during Saturday I would probably not go out and that the water might go out. Sure enough, most of Saturday I spent inside, because though the worst of Ike happened overnight, it kept raining and gusting until late afternoon. Though I never completely lost water, on Saturday and most of Sunday the water pressure was too low to be able to fill the watering cans. But the cooler weather seemed to help, and in fact it was after the hurricane that the strawberries had some sort of growth spurt and began flowering! Here is a picture of the flowers in their shelter:

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It must have been a terrible time for pets humans and plants !
I'm glad not too much damage was done where you are Raquel.
All the best, Hywel.

28 Sep, 2008


Glad you came through it safe with your plants, you know us brits go on about the terrible weather we have, but we should be greatful we dont have to go through anything like you do in the america.

28 Sep, 2008


Thanks Hywel, it was pretty terrible - and to think Houston didn't even see the worst of it!! The people on the coast have really suffered the most. Sadly, about 400 people are still missing. =(

Thanks Clarice, I was worried about the plants but am happy that things worked out! I've only heard about the rainy weather in the UK, I've never been there, bt I've also heard that it is very green and pretty. I guess no one's ever totally happy with the weather of where they live - look how much I complain about the heat in Houston! =)

28 Sep, 2008


So True, Raquel.... I complain about the winters up here!
We had the heat and humidity effect up here too when the ghost of Ike ambled was pretty much spent by the time it got this far north but the day before was very humid and the day after was cold. I guess people are more afraid to leave their homes than they are the hurricane but after what happened in New Orleans, I can't imagine staying in the path of a storm like that...So many weather extremes these days!

2 Oct, 2008


You're right, Lori, it makes you just want to run! at least it does me, but I didn't leave because I wasn't in an evacuation zone & don't have a car...but sometimes I think the gov't did it that way so that people from the coast could evacuate...otherwise it would have been as big a mess as in Rita...but that did mean most people who live near downtown stayed. I guess the humidity from Ike must have been an unwelcome side effect! Can't imagine you get much of it. I envy you the leaves that are turning right now. I get nostalgic for fall right about now.

4 Oct, 2008


Exactly a week ago, (Saturday) we drove north to Ottawa, and the colour was lovely, but the weather was not...rainy and misty...wanted to take pics but decided to wait til today... The sun is shining today...but the leaves have gone! The wonderful red sumach (rhus) have completely shed their leaves!

4 Oct, 2008


Aughh...that's too bad! Isn't that the way it often is, though...something works but then the other part is missing...the Shenandoah in Virginia just turns beautiful at this time of year too...I used to like going hiking there in the Fall...

5 Oct, 2008


mmm... yes the Shenandoah valley...I'd love to see that part of the U.S. first hand...We do get a lot of humidity in the summers...from end of May through to mid-Sept. our temps can be very high...(70 to 104 F) and a lot of our weather comes directly up the Mississippi valley. We adjust so that we are comfortable. I'm from the North and feel I can handle extreme cold easier than I can extreme heat/humidity.

5 Oct, 2008


Didn't know that, interesting how the weather patterns work...I have to admit I like temperate climates, neither too hot nor too cold, with a breeze (doesn't everyone?! lol ) but I can (I hate to admit it) handle hot temperatures better than cold temperatures. Though I like the cold, but not for very long! I think it refreshes things, don't know if that makes sense. ?

9 Oct, 2008


Yes it makes excellent sense because that's what our winters do for us... It puts things in the "fridge" for a rest and anything that can't stand the cold dies...good or bad. somehow there's a balance in there somewhere! lol.

9 Oct, 2008

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