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It's myrtle time! Crape myrtle, that is.


By Raquel


In the depth of summer, around late June and in July, the crape myrtles really take off in Houston. They’re everywhere, probably because it’s a hardy tree that can withstand the summer and because it blooms precisely during the hottest months. I have enjoyed the crapes since I moved to Houston, though at first I had no idea what they were called. But once I asked Larry he explained they were ‘crape myrtles’ and actually one of his favorite trees (if I remember correctly). Of course when I heard him say ‘crape’ my mind spelled it ‘crepe’ like the paper, and it was awhile till I figured out that wasn’t the right word! But I digress…anyway the conversation came about because I wanted to visit the gardens at Bayou Bend and Larry told me something like “but don’t go now! There’s nothing blooming now, just the crape myrtles!” And he’s right. During the hottest months you can still find flowers, of course, but the amount of flowering plants certainly tapers off and you’re surrounded by a deep green sea of trees and shrubs. Eventually I did visit Bayou Bend, in March when the azaleas are blooming, and the gardens are indeed lovely. Here’s the link in case you want to peek:

“Bayou Bend”:

Anyway, here’s my ode to the crape myrtle, a tree who flowers in myriad shades, and who helps brighten the Houston landscape right when it’s needed most! If I had a garden, and it was big enough, I’d plant about a half dozen of these in all different colors – after all, how could you choose just one?!

All these where taken round my neighborhood.

This crape myrtle is right outside my apartment, in the courtyard below. I think that’s where a lot of the birds nest.

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How beautiful, Raquel! Thanks for showing them to us. :-)

3 Sep, 2008


Oh I remember how beautiful Bayou Bend is, it was one of my favorite. Crape Myrtle are very popular here also because they are one of the few flowering shrubs in late summer. The capital city of my county calls itself the "Crape Myrtle capital" there are a lot that's for sure.

3 Sep, 2008


Thank you for showing us these Raquel. I've never heard of them before. They're beautiful trees and must really brighten the place up at a time when there's not much else about.
All the best, Hywel.

4 Sep, 2008


Thanks Spritzhenry, glad you liked them. And I hope poor Henry is feeling better and that his paws heal soon!

It is beautiful, Wohlibuli, especially in spring...I'm real lucky I live close by though walking across that rickety bridge ove rthe bayou is an adventure!! lol

You're welcome, Hywel. Glad you liked them.

4 Sep, 2008


Really interesting photos Raquel - we get lots of them here too especially near the hot seaside -

5 Sep, 2008


Thank you!

10 Sep, 2008

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