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So what would you do with a farm?


By Raquel


Sometimes when i think of my dad’s farm, I wonder what I would do with it if I could. What would I plant? Would I have an easier time of it or worse? Would I ruin it?

What I think I would do is actually try to make it an organic farm. And get it certified as such.

I would get the coffee pruned and see if it was still viable.

I would get access to electricity and water, if necessary dig a well.

I would cut down some of the overgrown trees and sell the wood.

I would continue with the loroco and the noni and try to find alternate things to plant. No more relying on one crop.

I would build a new caretaker’s house.

I would plant an herb and vegetable garden.

I would organize the farm in grids depending on what I wanted in each section.

Well! But it’s much easier to daydream thatn it is to actually DO anything. =) Still….it’s interesting to think about.

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you have some good ideas there raquel, have you put any of these to your dad?

25 Aug, 2008


Sorry Raquel before reading your blog wrote my own - do you think its inherant in us to provide a sense of continuity? Perhaps its something to do with parental approval which if anything like me was hard to gain from previous generations. if within your remit and comfort zone Id say go for it - but not at all costs.If prohibitive financially and your family not fully on side then step back and ask yourself who you doing it for?

25 Aug, 2008


Hi Irish: some of them we've spoken about, yes. The well, for example, but we got stuck with the price tag - apparently it would cost about 6 thousand dollars (we've a dollarized economy but it is worth less than the US dollar - it's complicated). We'll see, maybe I should bring it up again when I see him in December.

Hi Bonkersbon: yes, of course, you do have to think about why - and for whom - you're doing things - if it becomes too prohibitive I would agree to sell. But I do think for my dad the land might be a way to prove my grandfather wrong (he used to say that my dad couldn't do anything with the farm, sometimes he would say my dad couldn't do anything - it would infuriate me like you have no idea- I just don't know why my grandfather was like that) and also fulfill a dream of having something of his own. He - we - are very emotional and it is hard to think rationally and leve-headed in those circumstances.

Hi Marguerite: well, if I could find a job that paid well in El Salvador doing what I do, which is teach and write, I would. But university profs in El Salvador make starving wages, my brother told me most of his profs had two or three jobs, and some were only paid $25 dollars a class!! So that isn't possible. We'll see, in my heart of hearts i'd like to help my dad, but i just don't know if it is really a viable thing in the end.

27 Aug, 2008

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