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should we add raised beds to this lawn?


We have been thinking about adding raised beds in this lawn, problem is that the lawn is a funny shape! the edge near the pond is quite a bit wider than the opposite end, so we cant really have symmetrical raised beds. We also don’t want to ruin the view from our gate across the other lawn, to this lawn, hence the reason we don’t want to put a bed in, on the near right corner.

We have laid out some wood where we think the raised beds would work best – but we just can’t make up our mind! Any thoughts would be gratefully appreciated ;o)

As the other lawn area has straight lines and no curves, we are going to have to keep the straight lines.


well we have been digging!

and digging:

and we decided on this shape in the end:

and there not raised either ;o( it would of cost a fortune – but we can always do that at a later date!

we have just finished putting lots of plants in so i will add some more pics this week. most of the plants are still very small as i have grown the majority from seed so they arent gonna look great this year – but i cant wait to see them next year ;o)


Heres how it turned out

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These shapes look artistically pleasing.

4 May, 2008


I like the zigzag shape of the far end one, but I don't think the one this end looks as as good. Could you add a zig to that as well as it has a zag already? (if you see what I mean...)

4 May, 2008


I like it, it doesnt have to be symetrical, especially if you add a bench which is a good idea in the middle, I think the green there would still look good, and be interesting with the shap around. The odd shape will draws you into the middle to see whats there I think

4 May, 2008


I think they would look good much higher than the other beds in the first picture. Hope this helps

4 May, 2008


I think that raised beds would look GREAT. Follow your gardening instincts and GO FOT IT !

4 May, 2008


Just out of interest, what flag do you fly up your flag pole?

4 May, 2008



26 May, 2008


What is the name of the round shaped tree in your lawn ? I really like that.

26 Jun, 2008


thanks, its an ornimental pear tree ;o)

28 Jun, 2008


THat's going to look lovely!

19 Nov, 2009

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