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I had several smaller pots of this Echeveria and they have been torn apart by Slugs and Snails. It is a new one for me , I bought it last year and find it fascinating how it throws out its arms, instead of being all bunched up like other E\cheverias. Now I go out to spread Slug pellets in the Greenhouse. I hate doing it but there are limits and they have gone too far this time.

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Hello Poaannua. Looks like something on GOY went wrong as you only get the url to the pic and not the pic itself. Have to bring it to Peter's attention. I hope you don't have any pets, or that neigbour's pets wander through your garden, as snail pallets are highly toxic. I've known a dog to die from it. Best thing to do is put them inside a plastic bottle. The pet can't get in it, but the snails can and they will.

4 Aug, 2008


Hope the slugs and snails are eradicated. Best wishes, Grenville.

4 Aug, 2008


Good Morning Poaannua, You gotta do what you gotta do. I'm glad I'm not on their list.

4 Aug, 2008


Only used it inside the Greenhouse. No pets involved.

4 Aug, 2008

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