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I am really pleased to see so many replies to my 1st Blog. and must apologise for not being quite sure how to continue.. Have to search\ around and find suitable pictures of the house and plants. At the moment I am sorting out my Succulent collection. I recently installed a sprayer that turns itself off after any set time. and have over used it some of the Succulents have become too succulent. In the past when I usually forgot to water , these were some of the best items in the greenhouse. The difference this sprayer has made is exraordinary. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS (Soleirolia) hasa gone mad however the Cuttings of trees etc. for which I installed the sprayer are thriving .

Seeing the picture of CALLISTEMON reminded me that I must cut mine hard back, together with the WINTER JASMINE , ROSE FELICITE ET PERPETUE and the white flowered hardy FUCHSIA whose name I always forget. One of the embarassments of the elderly is the forgetting of things one should know well, Particularly so if it is a plant or a Person. I don’t worry too much, because this has always tended to happen with certain names . Sigmund Freud wrote a book about why we do this.

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I know the feeling! Just say 'I'm having a senior moment' when you DO forget something! Is the hardy Fuchsia 'Hawkshead' ? Mine is in a big post and is in full bloom so I won't be cutting it back yet!

1 Aug, 2008


Hi Poaannua,
I am curious, what does your name stand for. I keep having to look real attentively or else I misspel it. All those flowers you mention sound terrific, but I don't know rose felicite et perpetue. So maybe you have a digital camera as well and can show us these? Don't be embarassed about forgetting water from the sprinklers. You know, I left one on all night not so long ago. It was in the back of the garden and I didn't hear it. In the morning I suddenly remembered and rushed back to a flooded garden. And I am only 65! I have to laugh about your too succulent succulents. Yes, they are very drought resistant and don't need much watering. Well, going in the garden now, we are having a drink on the veranda whilst the sun is still shining.

2 Aug, 2008


I forget things and I'm only in my fifties. I recently gave a talk and started a sentence "so I set off down the A303 to...". When I started the sentence, I knew the name of the place but by the time I got to mentioning it, it had gone!" (It was Wincanton by the way)

2 Aug, 2008


Haha Andrewr. You are still young, lol. You probably are so pre occupied or so busy that you find it hard to keep it all in line. I think modern times give us so much information we can't keep up with it and only keep what is most important to us in mind. If it is any consolation: you are not an isolated case: it happens to the majority of people! I always think the best form of communication is by computer as it gives you time to think!

2 Aug, 2008


I'm glad I'm not alone with this memory thing. Had a visitor today who insisted on eating some of the weeds in my pots. HAIRY BITTERCRESS (Cardamine hirsuta) tastes just like Watercress, and I am told is actually offered in one of the big Restaurants.. This is what I call Poppers, it comes up everywhere. She also ate The little OXALIS which has clover-like leaves and a little yellow flower, sharp taste like vinegar.. Another weed with seed throwing capacity. I only just stopped her eating a SUN SPURGE a kind of EUPHORBIA which are all poisonous.. She also ate CHICKWEED the smooth leaved kind., I tasted it but no flavour.
Nettles she said can be cut down when 1ft. high in Spring , dried and stored for medicinal use, exactly what she didn't say.

2 Aug, 2008


Some people eat stewed Nettle tops! I don't fancy them myself. They are supposed to taste like spinach.

2 Aug, 2008


Yes they are delicious Spritz. A friend who is a chef prepared them a while ago, and we were told what they were after we had eaten them, but the taste was absolutely superb and apparently they are highly nutritious.

2 Aug, 2008


I think that the best use for nettles is as a hair tonic/conditioner. Tried it once years ago and it DOES give you shiny hair (maybe that's why I still have some!). I also remember making chickweed and potato souffle at one time, which tasted rather nice.

15 Aug, 2008

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