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What A Year!


By PeteG


It’s a good thing that ‘gardeners always look to the future’ because there’s nothing in the immediate past to get me into the garden again!

This year was supposed to be The Year of the Vegetables – Hah!!

The first two sowings of carrots rotted in the ground and the 3rd sowing produced these tiny specimens

Radish, beetroot, Welsh onions and spring onions all did the same …

Then the Cabbage Whites turned up …


Garlic did reasonably well, more because of the warm early spring I think, but Tomatoes (Alicante)

and Runner Beans (Pickwick) were complete disasters.

The Horseradish – usually proof against almost everything – suffered too

Even Her Majesty, Queen Ruby, gave up trying to chase anything!

Oh well – Onwards to next year!

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You could have taken the photos in my garden, never seen to many cabbage whites, I guess the sprouts have got time to recover, my gardeners delight toms went to the tip a week ago, last year we picked until October.
Thats life I suppose, beans were good anyway.

9 Sep, 2012


Thanks for showing me yours! It has been a horrid year for so many things in the garden, but there is always next year!!!

9 Sep, 2012


Hi LB - I felt quite disspirited for a while but, as you say, that's life! Time to get the bulb and seed catalogues out I guess ... Let's hope we both have a better year next year

9 Sep, 2012


Your brassicas look like my kale - and my Greyhound cabbage has disappeared totally. Hope next year is an improvement or we shall be investing in concrete!

Is you cat a relative of Hywel's Blodyn? Very pretty!

9 Sep, 2012


This blog cheers me up a lot. I do get disillusioned about all the failures in my garden, but gardeners are by definition optimists, so, as Denise says, "There's always next year." (And the one after that and the one............)

9 Sep, 2012


Hi All - Such a really frustrating year!

I'm really annoyed about the curly kale and the PS brocolli (yes, that's what they were to begin with) so I've started looking at how I could 'cage' the brassicas next year - some retailers advertise a 'special' netting (at an equally 'special' price, no doubt!) so we'll see.

I have to admit I could have done a bit more to improve things but often you don't realise until it's too late.

Oh, Ruby used to belong to someone along the road but they had to move and couldn't take her so she was going to be put down. I just _couldn't_ let that happen so I took her on - only 4 months old or so and fitted in the palm of my hand. She now completely rules the homestead! Yes, she is pretty but _very_ long-haired and moults everywhere!!

9 Sep, 2012


The same here in Germany...the garden year wasn´t too good upto now.....the tomatoes in the green house are slowly ripening...those outside are going rotten, the potatoes were very small, compared to last year the cucumbers are very quantity as well as in size.....funnily enough the only thing that did well were the strawberries...sespite all the rain we had.

9 Sep, 2012


My successes were my lettuce and the crops in the G`houses, although slow to begin the ripening stage my toms have gone mad this year, the cucumbers have also been been good and still five more growing although the leaves turned this week and the last lot of babes aborted, of all things I`ve grown peppers for the first time ever and they are enormous, lol, I don`t even like them.
Beetroot was a nogo, both times I sowed it went, my beans have been a complete failure, very healthy looking plants reaching for the sky but very few flowers, the strawberries drowned in June/July and my brocolli and cabbage plants are all eaten down to the stalks and thats even though I netted them immediately, also used pellets the day I planted them..
Hey ho!!!! there`s always next year, was I disappointed-YES, will I do it all again- YES, LOL...
I nearly forgot to say that you have a very pretty cat...

9 Sep, 2012


I did smile - I've been telling myself ''always next year'' since June!
What a beauty Queen Ruby is :)

9 Sep, 2012


Yes, at least there's one thing there which looks beautiful - and that's Queen Ruby. She definitely looks like a relative of Queen Blodyn of the Subdenudata!! (Hywel's cat). Thank goodness you rescued her.

9 Sep, 2012


I'm sorry to hear you had all those failures. I had some disasters too, so you're not alone.
Better luck next year :o))

10 Sep, 2012


My blackberries have been large and juicy this year but apples and pears a real disapointment. Those lacey brassicas are more air than leaf Pete. Lovely pussy cat, glad you gave her a home. We have a ginger long haired feral haunts the garden, but can't get near him.

13 Sep, 2012

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