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Exciting phone call!




After waiting several weeks to hear from my “patio man” I got a phone call yesterday to say he would be with us next thursday, great; Then today unexpected another phone call to say “I have had a cancellation so will be with you in the morning”. Hurray! At last I am getting my new patio.
Can’t wait to get some new pots & lots of lovely new plants!!

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aww congrats poppy, thats good news.

23 Apr, 2008


woo hoo , look forward to the pics of the new patio and pots x

23 Apr, 2008


How lovely! What a great surprise - hope it doesn't take too long. Keep newspaper down on your floors - you know what workmen's boots are like! (or refuse entry with boots on) (or give them their tea OUTSIDE!) lol.

23 Apr, 2008


Hope it all goes OK! I had a man here today to build a side gate. He said he would lay 150 3X2 slabs this weekend. Managed to get placed an order for those, plus 2 tons cement and 10 bags cement, for delivery on Friday.We had to get an engineer from the supplier to visit in order to check that the stuff could be dropped off safely. We already have the largest available non-business skip sitting at front-of-house - for removal of old path, grass, subsoil, and, hopefully, the old garage - structure and contents. And, I have, myself, to remove the old path, gravel, etc., plus a further 4" of subsoil into said skip, b4 then. This may be only a distance of 450 ft at 3ft wide or so down the side and front of house, but it sounds "mad" to me - never mind the fact that I want the actual wooden garage to end up in the skip also!! i can't wait for my new pots, etc on the new slabs, too! But, rite now, it sounds like one of those slabs might well be my gravestone! Will, hopefully, survive to show pics. - Good Luck for the project!

23 Apr, 2008


So exciting for you Poppy. Can't wait to the pics of the results. Enjoy and good luck.
As for you David it's only 562.5 cubit foot of stuff to shift by hand!!!! Why would we think you are "MAD" ??? Good luck mate and get the Radox ready for after ;o )

24 Apr, 2008


Poppy I wish you good luck with your new patio may it all go smoothly for you darling and David as for you maybe Maple is right Radox might be ideal for you and also Deep Heat too! Take care guys and

24 Apr, 2008


Great news Poppy. Hope the project progresses well.

24 Apr, 2008


Your choice of slate will make every pot/plant dazzle, Poppy - I envy you for this.. As for me, done it! Everything cleared, levelled, slabs, sand etc delivered, ready for tomorrow. And I had the radox bath!! I am doing a 13hr shift at work later today, which will be restful compared to the last 2 days. Can't wait to see what's transpired when I get home!

25 Apr, 2008

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