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Tonight I planted around 50 plants in my new front border; pink & red sidalcia, pink splendens, red tanacetum, pink gypsophila, dianthus white,red & cream, white chincherinchees & a few others. There looked so many plants in the polyhouses, but when you get planting they soon disappear. The border will be full though when everything grows. I have put gravel around everything to try & keep the slugs at bay. Just a matter of time now.

Finished the top grasses borders, they should fill out nicely. Just need to work on the bottom borders now.

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You got me intrigued Poppy. Seen the grasses part 1 read the book got the T shirt but still aint seen the film.Hold on the grasses the sequel part2 could be a best seller Poppy but we need to see the rushes ( film buffs will get the pun).
What next? The grasses return - the grasses strike back ?

22 Apr, 2008


You have been busy Poppy 50 plants back breaking work!

I know what you mean you round up plenty of plants that appear to be a large number only to plant them out in the borders and you just can't believe how bare the borders still look but fear not as you say in no time at all with a little care your borders will be a riot of colour.A job well done.Hel.xxxx.

23 Apr, 2008


With all those yummy plants your border will be a picture! Please post a photo later on, won't you. P.S. What's a 'splendens' please?

23 Apr, 2008

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