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Every day I am amazed by how many new members are logging on, I think it’s great!

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I agree with you Poppy and the photos that they are posting are wonderful. It is very inspiring to look at the photos and read the blogs. I got a couple great ideas for future projects from recently joined memebers.

10 Apr, 2008


Yes, Poppy! Blink, and you miss so much! Thank goodness for the "Search" facility. I think this is really coming into its own, now. I wish more people would give their pics, etc. titles or tags, though.

11 Apr, 2008


Poppy as a 'newbie' to this site I can truly say I'm thankful for finding it (and thanks to David for leading up the garden path so to speak!) there's so many amazing pictures to drool over that sooner or later I might have to have a pond just it get rid of all the drool! ;o)

11 Apr, 2008


The more the merrier :) We have just upgraded our servers so there is plenty of capacity for more. All, don't feel shy about using the "Tell a friend" feature to invite your friends along to Grows on You and also keep those photos coming... they are all brill.

11 Apr, 2008


its a great site,, best thing i like about it is that everyone is so friendly, always willing to answer questions and offer advice.

11 Apr, 2008


I would not want to do without it! Good advice at hand, lots of beautiful and interesting gardens and plants to see (and covet in some cases), fun and laughter as well as making new friends. What more could you ask for?

11 Apr, 2008


I love this site! I'm a newbie, and am so thankful I found GOY!

13 Apr, 2008

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