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Happy Holidays


To all on this site.

May everyone flourish and prosper.

Why not?

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I am at a loss. Where is the Australian Gardening site? And what do you mean by: is using GOY? I don't know if we are allowed to advertise here, as certain advertisers pay for this site, so we can all join in for free. Perhaps I am wrong altogether, but I do not understand this blog too well. Maybe you can explain what you mean here? Forgive me for being so dumb.

12 Dec, 2008


Hi Marguerite,

You are so right.

Have a happy holiday. I took off the card.

Much respect to you,

12 Dec, 2008


Sorry, i don't understand either ........

12 Dec, 2008


Sorry again - we cross-posted if that's the correct term! Merry Christmas to you Kathy :-)

12 Dec, 2008


Thanks Kathy. I didn't understand either and I was a little concerned about it. I am so glad you took it off. Happy Christmas.

12 Dec, 2008


Im totally Confused, because according to Kathys homepage her name is Lee.. :)))))

12 Dec, 2008


???? Maybe she wants to stay anonymous!

12 Dec, 2008


merry christmas to you.

13 Dec, 2008


Merry Christmas

14 Dec, 2008

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