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I am a producer/director in Los Angeles and completed the library of works called ORGANIC GARDENING MADE EASY by Lee O’Hara.

I am about to deliver the new DVD called the ORGANIC TOMATO showing everyone from seed to harvest how to grow a tomato organically. The main thing is the soil and the DVD shows the entire process including when to use non fat dry milk. The website that accompanies my work is

Thanks for having a website where we can share on. I wish you all the very most healthy best.


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What does one do with the non fat dry milk? Love the lack of uniformity in the organic ones, and the flavour is usually far more interesting than supermarket clones. lol.

18 Jul, 2008


Organic tomatoes and non fat dry milk

18 Jul, 2008


Beefmasters are ugly but taste AMAZING. The non fat dry milk adds calcium to the soil and keeps dry rot from forming. Its the only thing that needs to be fed the plants before you stop picking off the buds allowing the tomatoes to form. It is a pleasure moment to taste the final product.

18 Jul, 2008


When i first looked at the picture i thought they looked like They certainly look tastey :-)

20 Jul, 2008


LOL... now that is a compliment... pumpkins.. Beefmasters can be a bit ugly but the taste is worth getting past the look.

12 Dec, 2008

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