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Relaxation in the garden?!


By Napdar


Well, you would find it relaxing too after an hours session of aerobics! Although I’m not sure an hour of kneeling helped the legs afterwards either but never mind. It certainly gave me immense satisfaction pulling the weeds out, although one wee plant had it’s revenge by pinging me with seeds. If I have any versions of it left after my vigourous tug of war I’ll add a photo as I’m curious to know what it is.

That really was my first foray out into our new garden. I’m thinking I’ll leave adding anything to it or changing the layout for a few months so I can identify what plants the previous house owner had and work out what I’d like to do with it. I say I as it’s me who has the greener thumbs of the pair of us. My fiancĂ© says he has a black thumb. Must be all the electricity absorbed from using the computer so much ;D

After an hours relaxing activity and two shopping bags of weeds, there is now a relatively clear space around the plants \o/ A satistfying end to a good day.

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Welcome to Grows on You :)

3 Jun, 2008


hi Napdar, welcome to GOY,,,

3 Jun, 2008


Welcome to GoY Nadpar! A new garden - very exciting :o) looking forward to hearing how you get on.

3 Jun, 2008


Welcome Napdar I think I must have black and green fingers If I am not in the garden I am on GOY

3 Jun, 2008


Hi Napdar! I get green knees, from kneeling down and shuffling along weeding and using shears on the grass edges (one operation, saves jumping up and down!) Not sure about green fingers, more like black finger nails! On a more sensible note, you are right not to change anything for a whole year so that you can see what comes up - it's exciting, isn't it!

3 Jun, 2008


Welcome to GrowsOnYou
You're not alone.........

3 Jun, 2008


Hey :D That was a lovely surprise this morning to open my email to your welcoming comments, thanks \o/ Made my day as I'm at work on a gorgeous day.

It's definitely exciting. Feel like a kiddywink in a craft shop :D

4 Jun, 2008


Welcome to GOY, Spritz you are so right green knees, and black finger nails, plus stiff back, when i've been kneeling it takes ages to straighten back up, we must really enjoy gardening to put up with it.

4 Jun, 2008


Thank you Clarice :D
You mean to say you've not been taking Seven Seas Oil?! ;)

I have a question, does anyone live nearby to Keighley and have a catnip plant I could possibly use some leaves or could take a cutting from? I'd like to make a catnip crocheted ball for our future cat(s) :D If there is anything in my garden you'd like a cutting of you're very welcome.

5 Jun, 2008

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