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Gone Mad on CHILLI's


Hi everyone

I’ve gone mad on chilli plants. Have started a really good collection and will update with photos now and then.

So easy to grow , and I enjoy cooking with them.

Like all my other vegies and herbs, they are organically grown , no pesticides , no chemical fertilizers.

Will be interesting to see how they grow !!

Happy Gardening friends :-)

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Next post: I am sick of the front yard ! LOL



I just started off some Chilli seeds last week , they are only tiny little plants just now , I started 10 seeds hoping to at least get a couple ....all 10 have come through lol just hope I can find homes for them , looking forward to following your progress,

4 Feb, 2008


We are about to sow some seed of a very dwarf variety called "Prairie Fire". Have you heard of this one? Best of Luck to you both with yours.

5 Feb, 2008


Good luck Wee, let me know how they go for you.

Hi David I havent heard of Prairie Fire. Let me know how they go matey.

5 Feb, 2008


The Varieties I have planted so far.

1. Slim Hot Cayenne
2. Purple Tiger
3. Habanero
4. Red Scotch Bonnet
5. Lilac Cayenne
6. Paprika
7. Thai Mild
8. Zimbabwe Bird
9. Long Sweet Yellow
10. Jalapeno
11. Fire Cracker
12. Serrano

5 Feb, 2008


No 10 , Jalapeno , are these the ones you get filled with cheese in the Mexican Takeaways ? I love them .

5 Feb, 2008


Hi, I have also successfully germinated some chilis, Peter sent me the seeds. They are capsicum frutescens.

5 Feb, 2008


Will do. Can recognise most of your varieties. Apparently, our dwarf "Praire Fire" grow to a height of only 10 inches high but with a broader spread. We have a long wait to find out here, however.

5 Feb, 2008


Im glad I did this blog, I have found some chilli lovers LOL!!!

Andrea , I think they do stuff them. They are also used in Subway Sanwiches.

David , I like the sound of this one. Wouldnt it look great in a hanging basket ! Cant wait to see pics when they are ready guys.. :-)
Stinking hot the last few days (Summer here) so been doing alot of hand watering.

6 Feb, 2008


What a gr8 idea michelle. I hadn't thought of planting mine in hanging baskets, altho i do so with tumbling cherry toms. I just wonder, however, whether the chillies would do well in a Scottish summer in this way. Anyway, I have enough seed to try a few in baskets. Many thanx for giving me the idea.

8 Feb, 2008


Beauty mate !! Cant wait to see how it grows Dave.

Adding another chilli ....To my garden today...

13. THAI HOT..

8 Feb, 2008


I would like to grow chillis, but only have room outside really do you know any varieties that will survive ?. ta

8 Feb, 2008


Hi Carolyn

Im in Australia so I can tell you how I do it. Im not sure where you are mate, so it maybe different climate/conditions.

12 Feb, 2008


hi folks,
I'm growing;
1. Scots Bonnet,
2. Birds eye, Capsicum fruitescens,
3. Tepin, thought by many to be the "Eve" of all chillies, its a Mexican wild chillie, hot.
4. Jalapino.
5. Cherry bomb
6. Prarie fire (didn't come up)
7. Golden wonder Bell pepper.
Grown in a heated, bubble wrap insulated 6'x8' greenhouse in N.E. England.

30 May, 2009

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