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Whats Wrong With My Tomato's Mom?


When my children were little they loved to help in the Garden. They always had their own little patch and learned early on the joys of gardening. They are grown now and have their own gardens, each patch as unique as the child who tends it.
One of my boys is an avid vegetable gardener…One day I got a phone call from my son.
He had planted a tomato plant and needed some advice. It was his first attempt at tomato’s on his own. He explained to me how he had gone to the gardening center, picked out a tomato plant and planted it in a sunny spot. How he had watered, fertilized and loved this dear little tomato plant! “But Mom” he said to me in a depairing tone " the tomato’s wont grow!"
So I asked him “You didnt get any tomato’s”? And he said to me in a sad voice " Mom, I got lots of tomato’s on it, but they are so small and no matter what I try they just wont grow. What am I doing wrong"?
Well I had my suspicions so I gently asked “Did you notice what the label said? What type of tomato plant did you get”? And he replied “Yup, the label said something like Cheery Red Tomato’s, have you ever tried to grow those”?
I had the hardest time not falling on the floor laughing, poor boy, but I answered him gravely " Yes I know the brand, those are Cherry Tomato’s, you know the little baby tomato’s you see in the grocery store, they wont get any bigger Im afraid".
“Your kidding me”! he yelled " I thought the darn things were sick or something, Ive been fussing over this plant for weeks wondering if I could save it and still get proper tomato’s LoL"!
We have laughed over this many times since, and have had many a discussion on gardening and how to grow tomato’s..big and small!

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lol brilliant story Lorraine

30 Aug, 2008


lol. I hope your son wasn't too disappointed with his tomatoes. but you can have a laugh about it now and that's good .
All the best, Hywel.

31 Aug, 2008


Well, they could just as well be called "cheery" toms. This tale has certainly cheered me up, thanks!

31 Aug, 2008


Wonderful story Lorrainenagle :)

31 Aug, 2008


Glad you all enjoyed my tomato tale ..always cheers me up to remember as well, course my son's roommates have continued to discuss his gardening skills with tomato's ...tho careful not to tease him too much as they like the tasty vegetables he grows and wouldnt want to interrupt the supply :)

1 Sep, 2008


lol a wonderfull story

1 Sep, 2008

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