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During the summer the early mornings are my time to sit on the deck, coffee in hand and enjoy the peace and quiet. The cool air is delicious after +30C during the day..Sadie the Cat very often sits with me, surveying the garden like the Queen of the Jungle she is.
As I watched her one morning I noticed her ears spiking up and her whole body quivering in excitement..I glanced out over the garden thinking she had spotted a bird or dragonfly…and much to my dismay I saw a black creature with the telltale white stripe from the top of his head to the tip of his bushy tail …oh my, lions and tigers and elephants OHMY…Pepe la Phew had come to visit!
The skunk was waltzing thru my garden on his way to who knew where…and Sadie was starting to walk to the edge of the deck…so of course I leapt out of my chair and grabbed the cat…making just enough noise to startle Mr. PheeYhew…out of the corner of my eye I saw the tail start to lift, his back arching…I got the Cat and leaped for the Patio Door as the overpowering scent of Odour de Skunk wafted in my direction! LoL!
I closed the patio door and looked at Sadie, who looked back at me with this annoyed expression that said “for crying out loud, I could have taken him out!”

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that sure spoiled your coffee. That fresh morning feel is so great especially in the hot weather. I always eat breakfast on my shady patio. I'm rather happy that skunks are not part of our wildlife.

26 Aug, 2008


LOL. I enjoyed that Lorraine.
And it answers a question I asked in the photo section.
All the best, Hywel.

26 Aug, 2008


lol, brought back memories of my fav cartoon which was pepe la phew.

26 Aug, 2008


'Sadie and the skunk'.....
Sounds like a whole new cartoon series.
Watchout Tom and Jerry, you have some rivals LOL
Good blog, Lorraine.

26 Aug, 2008


The smell lingered for a couple hours after, no coffee on the deck that morning...and the skunk has visited a couple times since, prolly looking for a place to nest. One night around 9pm he was spotted in the back alley..a couple of the neighbors grabbed Waterguns and went on the warpath, chasing him out of the area...that was funny and crazy as we were sure the two guys with the waterguns were going to get sprayed but the skunk just pelted out of there and I have not seen him since. Tho I am very wary when I step outside now. :)

26 Aug, 2008


Great story! I love wildlife but some can be difficult to tolerate. lol

26 Aug, 2008


OOOOOOh! I am so glad it's not me that has this 'friend' who visits you. LOL. Is it fear that makes them spray?

26 Aug, 2008


Skunks are a timid creature, tho I have heard them growl a warning...If you startle them or they feel threatened or cornered that is their defense ...up goes the tail and oh boy look out ...the stream can go about 4 metres.

26 Aug, 2008



26 Aug, 2008


Great blog Lorrainenagle. Lets hope that your little friend isn't away recruiting reinforcements :) I'l be back as Arnold would say...

27 Aug, 2008


LOL! Great blog thanks for the bellie laugh this morn! They are such facinating little creatures arent they! So cute innocent looking to strike such fear in the heart of man!! lol

27 Aug, 2008


lol nice blog and what a bonny looking cat

30 Aug, 2008

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