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By Lori


When will I learn my lesson? I start something with lots of ideas in my head…and one by one they develop a flaw or a hook or they are suddenly a “what was I thinking?!” realization. I’ve enough irons in the fire but I’m still thinking “what if?” Must learn to do all the brainstorming first ….and wait for the second thoughs to just die down before actually starting something. The POND has taken up far too much of my energies…I’m going looking for water plants…but the budget hasn’t increased…something else will have to go in order to fit in with my latest “must have” and it certainly doesn’t help to take a swing through goY, because all these new ideas and plants just keep complicating my agenda. sooo…
The pond will be fine as it is until I have my plants in….the only thing I really must do is patio stone or some kind of surfacing around the pond…
Looks like I lost my clematis to rodents! so I’m going to move the trellis closer to the honesuckle vines that are thriving and in need of support. I’ve lost some of my less hardy plants to the rigors of last winter and a rodent population(Voles) that are sleek and fat.That could be the subject for the next blog…what voles eat!!

need an obelisk (or two) and still haven’t completely finished the birdhouses yet…must get them up there… The birds are ecstatic about the pond… best birdbath for miles around…like kids at the beach!. Time to repot the waterlilies and ensconce my three remaining fishies in their new ocean…(I’m sure after a winter in an aquarium they will be lost) Need a cup of tea and my wellies, time to go to work and forget dreaming any more tasks to tax my aging energies!.

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I know what you mean, Lori. I have just moved home and I have so many ideas for the garden I don't know where to begin ! But gardening always seems to me to be a case of trial and error. Sometimes more error !! You can have something in your mind or on a plan, and then when you actually get down to doing it, it just doesn't work out. However, it's better to have too many ideas than none atall.

25 Apr, 2008


It will all be fine in the end Lori. Take a break and contemplate over a cup of tea.
We transferred some cold water fish two years ago from an indoor aquarium to the pond. We put them in a plastic bag of the aquaruim water and floated it in the pond for 30 minutes then we gradually added the pond water over the next 30 minutes so that they were acclimatised to the new water conditions and they are fine.Let us know how things progress,
Best wishes,

25 Apr, 2008


Youre certainly not alone Lori.Think many of us get filled with enthusiasm and blind optimism.Any large project has its wish I d never started days. Grenville is spot on though a break and some reflection helps and problems seem less daunting afterwards.Take it from one who has had more than his fair share!

25 Apr, 2008


You are so right, Bonkers - my stream bank project is a case in point. I started off with enthusiasm, expecting it all to be done and dug within two sessions...then we had overnight rain and UP came the stream, so I couldn't dig out the weed suddenly under water. I also found the the roots are SOOO deep and widespread that it is very hard work. My wish-I hadn't-started break took the form of a day off for some retail therapy - to research first (Beth Chatto!!!) and then buy some plants to grow on the bank! now I feel that I want to get it finished! Lori - think of it as like 'eating the elephant' - you can't do it all straight away, but in little bits. You will be surprised how much you can get done if you do one little project, succeed, then move on to the next. Keep smiling!

26 Apr, 2008


Yep..Bonkersbon... trial and error...(mostly error) is my crede You learn so much more that way...but on the same subject...I learned that there is no absolutely RIGHT way to do anything...where Lady Nature is concerned...lucky for mere mortals like us...she is very forgiving and patient. I've decided to be satisfied with what I've managed to do. It suits me fine and will serve as long as I am here, future owners can do as they please. Thanks Barbara for the Elephant analogy... little bites.

26 Apr, 2008


That so true as Spritz describes you ll come across something unexpected that delays things I took so long building and re building pond shelves when smoothed off with sand almost a shame to cover it with liner.Whos going to see it ? but you just know if not right going to cause problems that harder to fix later.Lot to be said for the Canadian approach loved it when I was there.

26 Apr, 2008


"Canadian approach"???

26 Apr, 2008


Oh you know chilled laid back thoughtful polite friendly - how it used to be here during my childhood.People in smaller communities still able to leave their doors open when they go out etc>Think Im going to stop paying people compliments as not the first time got into bother - so having dug that pond Im leaner now going to get meaner!

27 Apr, 2008


Oh dear...I do beg your pardon. Thankyou for the lovely compliment. sorry if my inquiry sounded abrupt.. We are known for our politeness, aparently...and our kindness...
I understand how it is that we start to favour the up-front honest opinions as we mature (?!) I say pretty much what I think and end up in hot water on a regular basis. No offense intended ... peace.

27 Apr, 2008

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