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Tempus Fugit!


By Lori


Yes time flies!…and I’ve been anticipating moving along to another garden while watching and weeding this one with ambivalence. I have come to love every inch of it…every weed…every overgrown shrub…every blade of heretofore unwelcome grass.
Daily I sit and muse about what I must take and what I must leave…but I am no closer to the actual moving than I was in January!!
My husband will be officially retired at the end of the month and then we will proceed with deciding what we keep, give away, pitch (think I might rent a dumpster) or consign. I have so much stuff that I just don’t want to do without… I have woodworking tools, garden tools, easels paints, canvases…argh!
But my husband says he’s going to be relentless in getting rid of his library of research material and text books…I hate to look like a baby wanting to hoard all my treasures while he is freeing himself. Guess I love my garden and paints more than he loved his research.
Our spring was a complete illusion this year…it was so cold that it seemed to be like the winters are to the south or west! Temps hovered within a few degrees of freezing every night in May and we had more precip than sun and an unrelenting arctic cold wind that made the days seem colder when the sun shone!
I’m glad that I’ve been here to see the irises this spring… and the astilbe clumps that I transplanted last year (as a result only a moderate showing of bloom) are looking like they will be plump and define the space along the rim of the stone grotto.
I’ve been checking out landscaping texts…and have made lists of the plants that are recommended…I was surprise to see that I’ve collected most of them…but how do I move a WHOLE garden?
I’m hopeful that by July I will be able to show you my next garden site!


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what a shame you cant take it all with you. it looks lovely.

12 Jun, 2009


Oh Lori - do you HAVE to move ?? ?? ??

12 Jun, 2009


I can really empathise with you here Lori, it sounds so much like the decicions i would have to make were i moving, (God forbid).
it would take me weeks to pack up my workshop of tools, not to mention the garden.
but now that i have mentioned it. Oh well thats another story,. Good luck. in your move.

12 Jun, 2009


Such a shame to leave such a fabulous gatden behind but how exciting to have a new patch to create

out with the old and in with the new
x x x

12 Jun, 2009


I went through a move 3 years ago. NEVER again !
You have all my sympathy Lori. It's a very difficult time. I'm looking forward to seeing your new garden though :o)

12 Jun, 2009


Think of it as a mission Lori ..what did you originally inherit and what are you leaving behind before you move and no doubt improve .

After all we are all here temporarily .. so sure you ll make the best of your new home .

13 Jun, 2009


Thanks for the votes of support...My goY friends are a great source of optimism .... yes life goes on and change is good!
Thank you everyone...hopefully I shall be able to post some good news soooooon!!

15 Jun, 2009


Just found this blog. It will be hard, but you have to think of all the lovely surprises you'll find in your new garden - hope it's a good one!. And it's surprising how many 'things' we can actually do without and not miss - I still have unpacked boxes from our move here 6 years ago! We brought far more stuff than we really needed to bring, and paid for that in the moving bill. I'm sentimental like you, and keep all the children's drawings, memorabilia, etc., and my husband isn't, so I know what you're going through.
Good luck with your search and your sale!

19 Jan, 2010


Thank you Elke...I guess I should do a follow up with the blog ...We decided in August of last year to consider the possiblity of staying another winter in this house.... and I admit I was dreading moving a household and a garden...but our resolve is strengthened now...we are definitely moving...and I have decided that I don't have to take anything from the fact...I think I'll only take a couple of rosebushes that I can't bear to part with and a few of my perennial herbs...and that won't amount to a great deal... the next garden will be or not be...and I will have a whole new canvas to paint!

20 Jan, 2010


Great thinking Lori - you will be able to exploit all that experience you have gleaned over the years and paint the most colourful of pictures on your new canvas .....

22 Jan, 2010


I think I was driving my husband crazy all last summer...go go go...and I wasn't feeling was a great relief to just stop worrying about it...and get over myself!! by March I'll be back at it again...oh dear.

24 Jan, 2010


Do not fret Lori as you will have run out of worrying material by now, so keep healthy and happy and look forwards and not backwards!!

25 Jan, 2010


Thanks T60...will certainly try....

27 Jan, 2010

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