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A celebration! I have Mallards swimming and feeding in my stream!


By Lori


It’s been years of slogging and digging and fighting with silt buildup and water plants that get washed away… I’ve seen a pair of Mallards checking out the fast water and the dead weeds and (today) the freezing cold, looking for a nesting site. I hope they don’t nest here as I heard the Scurrreeeee! of the Red Hawk who nests on the hill. Check out these beauties!

I used a long lense as I wanted to make sure they were not disturbed. Even traffic on the road way didn’t seem to phase them. It’s been a long, cold wait since October but the snow is finally (mostly) gone and the flooding has eased. Missed getting a picture of the wild turkeys on the meadow yesterday because my camera was not at hand… birds are singing and it looks like things are coming up but it’s still so cold… brrr… my hands were numb from the cold just taking these pictures.

English Pink Rhododendron

Ajuga loves this spot it’s still here after the winter from hell… lol..

The ducks are here, though. there’s hope for an end to this seemingly endless winter.

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Lovely ducks good that theres something for you to look at in that cold looking scene Lori.

28 Apr, 2019


Exciting! We once had a duck take a rest on our pond. Has never happened again, so to have two taking residence in your stream must be great.

28 Apr, 2019


Oh Lori I do feel for you, all that cold and flooding and still not quite Spring! But it must be close for you if the ducks have arrived looking for a nesting spot. Perhaps you could build them a duck house, either on a pole or off the ground and a bit sheltered from a marauding Red Hawk. When you study them they are really stunning, almost as exotic as any Amazon jungle bird! Best of luck with them and the weather. Ajuga is a tough beast and will soon spring into flower and brighten your days.

28 Apr, 2019


That's grand Lori - I do like ducks! A duck house is a good idea. But it still looks so very cold - you've suffered a long hard winter so its grand so see a few bulbs flowering at last!

28 Apr, 2019


That's fantastic Lori they have chosen you place to come to I would find that a compliment lovely iris too a lovely sight after all your weather.

28 Apr, 2019


so pleased that you have a pair that is scouting out a nesting site. Ajuga is a lovely ground cover plant I have a pink flowered one too.
smashing to see a crocus all mine are well and truly over.
Hope the weather warms up a bit sooner than later for you Lori.

29 Apr, 2019


Lori its so good to see that spring is arriving at long last for you, I appreciate how cold your poor fingers must have been but so worth it to see a bit of colour instead of a blanket of snow, can see you are getting somewhere recovering your stream, all that hard work is paying off, to see the ducks checking it over must have been a delight for you, fingers crossed the Red Hawk doesn't spot them but guess nature will have its way, lovely to see them Lori, you take care now and keep smiling, you will be out enjoying it all before you know it...

1 May, 2019


I'm so looking forward to May... and here it is and can you imagine how it feels to see a long range forecast that says May is going to be as cold as April was... Argghhh! In the past month we had only one (ONE) day of balmy warmth. It's barely above zero at night and will continue like that for the next two weeks apparentlly. My hub maintains that with all the carbon that went into the atmosphere last year from all the fires in the west and the volcanoes all over the world that we will be a repeat of 1816 ... no summer at all!

2 May, 2019


I hope the ducks will be left alone, nice that you have them in your garden. I hope the weather improves for you soon.

5 May, 2019


Thank you to all my GoY friends for the moral support!
No sooner said...than done! LOL...Everyone, I don't know where it came from (given the dire forecasts) but we're supposed to have 4 days of warmth. I was out today splitting up the overgrown clumps of irises and digging new beds by the stream to plant them in. It was hot enough for me to work in short sleeves and I was still perspiring! How odd it all is... next week is going to be back to cold temps again. Hope my irises will flourish. fingers crossed.

5 May, 2019

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