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1816 all over again?


By Lori


Apparently there are seven volcanoes erupting at the same time. They must be contributing a lot of ash and smoke to the upper atmosphere, and creating cold and snow all around the Arctic gyre.
In 1816 it was the island of Tambora that blew up and blocked out the sun, caused snow all over the northern hemisphere well into June and July… and caused the summer that never came.

We hear about the effects of carbon on our climate and perhaps it’s related to the amount of smoke and ash from wildfires in the west last summer….
there is a lot of sunspot activity and magnetic storms in the solar wind and it makes a person wonder if they are the cause or the effect.
This is the coldest March I can remember. All this after the mildest February I’ve ever seen! Only word for it is CONFUSING
I was really hoping for a nice early, warm spring this year. Now I’m just hoping we get a summer.
I’m enjoying all the spring pics, GoY friends. Thanks for keeping spirits up.
catch up to you in April… brrrrr….

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I know how you feel. We are still waiting for Spring to come in the UK as well. You just think it's on it's way and then the snow comes again.

19 Mar, 2018


Lori, I'm going to bed and not getting up until April, lol.....

19 Mar, 2018


The winter seems to have come late this year. We had not had any frost here at all until March, then all that cold air came from the east. April can also be very cold in some years.

20 Mar, 2018


“Confused”is the right word! The sunny South of the UK has been anything but sunny. The birds that were investigating nest boxes in February seem to be around, thank Goodness, but are still not getting on with it. Haven’t seen the nuthatch around, though, or the greedy blackbird, but the robin, the tits and a lovely speckled thrush have weathered the snow.

Does the March lion include snow, frost and really chilly winds? Then maybe the lamb will go to the other extreme.

20 Mar, 2018


makes you feel like some little worm hiding in a tide pool, doesn't it?
Everyone in the UK is saying the cold weather came from the east...but I thought your dominant weather systems came from the south west?
I've been feeling very ill for the whole month...all the warmth of Feb. has become biting Arctic cold in March... for the whole month so far... I think you're right about the Lion, Eirlys. Come home soon Lambie!
move over, Lincs!

20 Mar, 2018


We usually get our weather from the south west or west Lori, and since it comes off the Atlantic ocean it brings a lot of rain. Most of it falls on my garden !!!
However, when high pressure builds in the east it can sometimes affect us.

21 Mar, 2018

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