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By Lori


after a very long, very cold winter the perennials and wild flowers have started to peek out. I can’t tell you what a boost this is.

After the pigs clearing off whole hillsides of trilliums they’ve had two years to recoup. Thankfully the ones they missed have rallied and seem to be coming down the hill to meet my garden. (two new clumps of them near the stumps this spring) The ligs, the bluebells, the daphs and narcissus are exploding… just two days of warmth and BOOM!

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Spring has sprung!

12 May, 2015


Wow, its just as though someone fired a starting pistol and off it all goes! I can't imagine a whole hillside of trilliums - how fantastic! Are they all the same sort?

You must be feeling so happy after your very long hibernation!hatt

12 May, 2015


Amazing! Pic...6 up from the bottom, of the ferns and trees! Stunning. Some of your plants are way ahead of us. My ferns are only just starting to unfurl. They have been frozen in time for a month! You have caught up in two days!! And now you'll overtake us. Isn't the weather something? :)

12 May, 2015


Paul: That it has ... at very long last!
Karen: that's my fiddlehead patch. Some of the old folk consider them delicious, but unfortunately I missed the mark...they should be harvested while still tightly furled. You're far enough North that we share that polar vortex thing they're talking about?
Stera: there are three types of trilliums on our hill, two are fairly common and a nodding one that's rare. After the pigs disaster I lost some of the rare ones. Haven't got up the hill to see how the rest of the forest is recovering from their ravages. The small part of it in these pics is fairly close to the house and they were cagey enough to know that the lady at that house would be aggressive if they came into her sphere! I used to chase them with a broomstick! LOL! ;-)

13 May, 2015


Pigs in the garden - nightmare! We once had cows on a very small front lawn and that was bad enough.

13 May, 2015

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