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By Lori


Of necessity, earlier this season, I had to redo my fishpond. That seemed an endless series of changes… I tried a couple of different arrangements before I hit upon the idea of my present pond… the next project was to add a retaining wall, a planter, and pave a small patio area beside the pond as well as relocate my old trellis beside the shed and transform it into a shade porch for house plants over the summer.. at the start of that I had a setback when I was stung by a wasp and my arm swelled up like a balloon! But as often is…I started to clean up and move things about to work on the shed…and finished by levelling and completing the shade porch..hmmm… then I decided to make another retaining wall for the bed behind the pond, which remains unfinished at present, plan is to make the completion of that my October focus.. because at present I’m moving perennials out of two of my beds and making room for a circular firepit…The digging is always the hard part…and trotting wheel barrow loads of soil to other parts of the garden… the circle is now complete and the central firepit is dug. next step is finding the pavers and firebrick and checking out the local salvage yard for a metal ash pan….perferably circular… (a basin of some sort to fit in the bottom of the pit)..then persuade my cousin to weld together a rebar wood grate, also circular, and a frame for the firescreen. the pit which is thirty inches in diameter will be lined with the firebrick…then the ash pan and wood grate with a firescreen overtop..the floor of the larger circle will be pea gravel and the sides (it is sunk about 10" below grade) will be ringed with flagstone… cushions will be required for seating while roasting marshmallows and enjoying the cool autumn nights… will have to purchase some lovely russet potatoes and roast them in the pit…but there will be no barbequeing or cooking of meat. That’s the next project!! I plan to build a barbeque and outdoor oven…..wellll maybe. I still have a trellis and 2 obelisks to make, and a repair to the garden bench to complete the summer’s task list. It’s good to be busy.

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Sounds like you have your work cut out for sounds wonderful, a pond, a firepit...sigh, pass the marshmallows please!

28 Aug, 2008


Lori, You have so many projects going I need a list, just to keep up with all you're working on. Do you think there'll come a day when you say "The garden is finished!" Nahh!! To me that's why it's such a great hobby...there's always something to move, or change or add or remove, turn, uproot, get my drift. Enjoy and do keep us posted!!

28 Aug, 2008


Roasted marshmallows on an autumn evening - now that sounds lovely Lori.
I know what you mean when you say the digging is the hard part,especially if the ground is soggy after the rain. But it's all worthit in the end isn't it.
All the best, Hywel.

28 Aug, 2008


Are you allergic to wasps, Lori? You'll have to be careful. I hope that your arm is back to its normal size by now. Well done on all your hard work, especially with only one arm...or was it still able to work?

28 Aug, 2008


Your garden projects sound really exciting Lori. It sounds like you are going to make really good use of your lovely garden. Well done.... we forget that they are social spaces for entertaining and relaxing in as well.The firepit sounds wonderful. Do post up some photos when its completed.Sorry to hear about the allergic reaction to the wasp sting. Hope you feel more comfortable now.

28 Aug, 2008


Shewww!! I am tired just reading about it. At least you are back to normal again (ie. wasp sting). You have a long list to do, so enjoy!

28 Aug, 2008


What a boost to the confidence... goY members are best!! Every once in a while we bump up against nature in the garden..poor old wasp got the worst of it. I had to take a weeks course of prednisone to stop the inflammation as I am diabetic... another reason why I'm working so concertedly...helps keep things stabilized. Being busy is the best medicine, isn't it? Thanks everyone for your encouraging words...!

28 Aug, 2008


Lori... you're always busier than a one armed wallpaper hanger :) I've lost track of all your projects. Everything comes out so very well though. Keep up the good work !

28 Aug, 2008


LOL...Thanks Mike!

29 Aug, 2008

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