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It says: "Sold" !


By Lori


We will be moving house in December and my garden is winding down.
I was told by an agent that my taste in front garden landscape was not for everyone! I took it as a compliment because I haven’t had to cut grass on my front patch in years… (the fringe between the sidewalk and street belongs to the town…so I left it grass and kept it cut.)
I really didn’t need reminding that most town folk don’t spend much time on their garden, but will spend hours and megabucks on a fringe of spoiled, poisoned land called a lawn, which is seeded with the most pernicious weed ever mistakenly cultivated by man.
To cater to the popular tastes I removed the fish pond in the back garden and three flower beds and returned them to grass… not a problem as it isn’t my backyard anymore. I was prepared for this eventuality because I did some research and found that most house buyers don’t have the time to garden or are intimidated by being responsible for a patch of land planted with plants they don’t recognize, and haven’t a clue what care they might need.
I realized what a blessing that was for me, because I can take all those plants (that I’ve spent my care and money on) with me, and no one will miss them! Alas the trees and shrubs will remain..well most of them anyway!
My fish are indoors…back in aquariums and feeling very the three I started with last spring are now 17! I have fourteen little fishies now.
And I have a feeling that filling in the pond saved the lives of two lovely little leopard frogs which I rescued and returned to the wild (the field).
I have a number of perennials to transport and as previously predicted we will need a moving van for the house contents and a smaller van…heretofore called the “ark”, to transport my plants, fish, birds, gecko, rabbit and dog to their new home.
I thought my summer was stressful…it looks like my worst nightmare is about to come true…I have to move it all in early winter!


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Oh good luck with it all, Lori! Has the sale gone through, and are you moving far? At least you'll have time to pot up your plants and keep them out of the way of the buyers.

What's your new garden like?

31 Oct, 2010


If I moved house, like you Lori, I would want to pot up some of my favourite plants before I started to show people round. I think were are not meant to remove plants after the sale in the UK.

31 Oct, 2010


I think you are right Linda. It's a difficult thing to get right....a good garden can sell a house (certainly helped sell my last house) but on the other hand, you are kind of depending on a garden enthusiast to buy it. I think I would also consider relaying some lawn if I ever moved again, but it's difficult to know what's best and you only need one person to love the garden to sell it. Perhaps i'll just stay where I am!

31 Oct, 2010


I think moving is stressful at any time, Lori! But once you get all the "kids" tucked in and settled you can take your time with the household stuff. I learned from many moves that a made bed, a few sandwiches, a kettle & fixings for coffee and a roll of toilet tissue could do for me until the pets & houseplants were stabilised,lol! Just think of it as camping for a week!
Seriously, I am glad all the pieces fell into place so quickly for you. I am sure that you will have a ball transforming your new yard in spring, and will look forward to seeing the photos.
I'll keep my fingers crossed that the snow holds off until January....

31 Oct, 2010


Thanks Grammazoo... very good advice which I will certainly take to heart.
Yes, Linda235, but I put at least one of each of my plants on a "reserve" list.
THanks Spritz... we're moving about 150 miles up into the highground! Have had an offer from a family member to keep my plants for the winter...That will be a relief. I can collect them in the spring when I've had time to assess the new property and decide where the gardens will be.
True Karen, I do know that the fact that our yard was pesticide free for the last 12 years was a plus and also that it was different from every other house on the street was also... I've enjoyed it for the time I had is someone else's turn to make it over their way. I'm happy with that.

3 Nov, 2010


Hope it all goes smoothly for you'll have the winter to make your plans :)

14 Nov, 2010


good luck with the move lori and i love your house and garden to, very open, lovely pic :o)

14 Nov, 2010


Good luck with your move; it's a shame you had to remove your flower beds & fill the pond, though. I've always enjoyed your photos, but it'll be fun to start from scratch in the new place. I know that my yard isn't to most people's taste, either, & would not be appreciated by most homebuyers! Since it's hard to sell a haunted house with termite problems, I'll be staying where I am, anyway.

14 Nov, 2010


thanks Whistonlass and Sanbaz...I'm getting excited about it.
Oh Lauram, it sounds like your home is well loved...since this will be the last move for us, this new place is going to be very special to hubby and I. We'll make it ours and hopefully we'll love it as you do yours. You should see the potential in the front area...for a pond..a perennial garden...maybe even a bridge!

16 Nov, 2010


hope the packing is going wel Lori....looking forward to seeing pics of your new garden...:~)

23 Nov, 2010


Thanks Sandra...I think our biggest worry is snow! If we could just have a mild December ...then they could throw all the snow they wanted at us! (Gulp!...did I say that?)..hehehe, well as the old song says..."Let it snow..let it snow...let it snow!" but in January, please.

23 Nov, 2010


only just found this! and having read your more recent blogs i should think this is a very distant memory ~ i cant imagine you have any regrets.

7 Mar, 2011


Lol... bless you is. I saw Spritz's pic of her first tulip, and Sandra's pic of her Daphs...and I felt a little pang....but...I get to go out and search for hidden treasure when the snow is gone here! Wonder where the daphs and tulips are? Found a lilac, a very overgrown currant bush...what I believe to be an hydrangea...a crab apple...and three others which are apples but just what type I won't know til they bud out.
there's at least a half acre of raspberry canes too! wonder if there are any wild strawberry about?

7 Mar, 2011


bit like robinson crusoe in a different clime??
i think its fascinating what you are doing ~ we can all have daffodils but we cant all have an adventure like yours ~ im just so grateful you share it all with us; probably interesting for you too ~ to look back at the earlier blogs?

7 Mar, 2011


it's hard to explain just how this has made me feel, but your Robinson Crusoe analogy is pretty accurate!...It's like a wonderful gift that I get to open again and again.
It already feels like home. I'm glad you don't mind my rhapsodizing! can't quite believe it myself! lol....

7 Mar, 2011


im so pleased you are enjoying it ~ and im enjoying hearing about it!

7 Mar, 2011

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