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Mums Camellia


By Janey


I’ve only been looking into GoY sporadically lately, but will hopefully be able to catch up with pics and blogs soon.

Mum passed away last week. She’d just had her 98th birthday on the 12th and enjoyed her day very much. 6 days later she fell asleep.
We were very lucky to keep Mum in her own home where she’d been for 70 years and where I was born.
Mum did love her garden and this Camellia was always one of her Spring favourites. My son Jim who lives in Sydney bought it for her birthday and it must be around 30 years old now..

I hope we all keep safe with what’s happening, and I’m so relieved Mum doesn’t have to face this crisis now..X

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Sending you my condolences and a big virtual hug. Your dear Mum had a really long life and I agree with you that she doesn't have to cope with the COVID-19 virus.

I lost my Mum last October and feel the same, so glad she missed these troubling times. Keep safe and well. x

28 Mar, 2020


Sorry to hear about your mum, a grand lady by the sounds of it. It time your immediate pain will fade to be left by wonderful memories. You will have the Camellia as one of many plants to remember her by.
25 yrs on the plants from my mum's garden give my lots of pleasure and treasured memories.

Lots of hugs from me to you.

28 Mar, 2020


So sorry to hear about your mum,Janey,and sending you love and hugs too.I know how much she meant to you.I too,am glad she passed peacefully,and not to have had to face these awful times we are in at the couldn't have a nicer plant to remind you of her each and every springtime.Take care,and stay safe

28 Mar, 2020


More hugs from me Janey to add to the ones already sent .I wonder if its possible to take Camellia cuttings ... Take care and keep safe my friend Xxx

28 Mar, 2020


I can feel the sadness in your message Janey and I am sending you a huge hug. Your Mum's Camellia is beautiful and I know she will be seeing us all from somewhere quite incredible now and telling us all not to worry...all shall be well. xx

28 Mar, 2020


Thank you all for such lovely kind messages.

Mums story book has closed now, she was very stoic and down to earth, nothing seemed to faze her really, of course being young during the Second World War and from that generation, she had been used to hard times and her answer to most challenges is as it is and there is always a way through things given time.
I hold that advice dear now with what we are all facing and I think being gardeners, we will find solace in the earth and how we delight in it. X

28 Mar, 2020


Sorry to hear your sad amazing your Mum was still in her own lucky not to have had to cope with all the problems of 2020....sending hugs...💕💕💕

28 Mar, 2020


I am sorry to hear about your dear Mum. You shared a very special time with her on her birthday.
The camellia is a beautiful one - worthy of your much loved Mum.

28 Mar, 2020


I haven't been taking part on GoY for some time but have always dipped in from time to time. Just wanted to say I am sorry to hear about your mum. What a wonderful lot of memories you must have. Take care and keep safe.

28 Mar, 2020


So many kind words and thoughts, it is hard to know what to say, but thank you for your compassion and all the lovely hugs, GoY is a very special family.. :0))) Xx

28 Mar, 2020


Yes it is Janey, and I had missed you. You did so well to keep your Mum in her own home - she must have been grateful. I’m sure you will find solace in your garden, and be comforted by the fact that you gave your Mum a special day. Thinking of you. Hugs. xx

28 Mar, 2020


Thank you Sheila..X

28 Mar, 2020


Its good to see you back Janey. Your Mum must have been a remarkable lady and she timed her exit beautifully, leaving no worries about not being able to visit. I hope you will be able to take a cutting of the Camelia to remember her by. So glad you were able to celebrate her last birthday
together,making the last memory a happy one.

28 Mar, 2020


I'm so sorry to hear of your mum's passing.

29 Mar, 2020


I’m so sorry to hear of your Mum’s passing, Janey. It’s lovely to hear you all enjoyed a remarkable birthday with her and ensured it was special for her too..
I’m pleased you have her camellia, which has flourished for such a long time. Long my it bloom.
Keep safe and well too x

29 Mar, 2020


Please accept my condolences Janey x

29 Mar, 2020


what a lovely memorial. my sincere sympathy to you and your family, Janey. I have keepsake plants too and every year they bring a smile and a tear. when they are thriving and blooming I commune with them sit and have a wee gab with Mom or Dad.

29 Mar, 2020


Thank you so much for all your kind words, it's really lovely to receive these messages, they mean so much :))
I will see if I can take a cutting of the Camellia, once it has stopped flowering..

I hope we are all keeping safe and coping with this situation we are in at the moment. Thank goodness we have our gardens to help us, and Spring will soon be here..

30 Mar, 2020


I'm sorry to hear about your Mother Janey, please accept my deepest sympathy. She had attained a great age and I'm sure you must be pleased that she was able to remain in her own home to the end.
The Camelis is beautiful :)

30 Mar, 2020


Thank you Hywel. Yes, Mum was really lucky to reach 98,
Im very pleased she stayed at home and she was too, she was always happy with her own company.
I'll try to get a cutting going of the camellia in a few weeks..

30 Mar, 2020


That's nice, I hope it catches and flowers in your garden to remind you of your mother :)

31 Mar, 2020


Sorry Janey, I missed this. I'd like to add my condolences. She sounds a wonderful woman and it's so good that you could be with her and not kept apart from her as so many are from their loved ones now. We are lucky to have our gardens to lift our spirits, I hope your cuttings take x

13 Apr, 2020


Thank you Hywel.

Oh thank you Ba, she was.
Yes, we are very lucky, especially with this sun we're having right now, very cold air here though.
I do think Mum closed her eyes at the right time.
Keep safe. X

15 Apr, 2020

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