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Mid August Garden


By Janey


After the heatwave, my garden plants seem to be flourishing better than ever. Most of them are drought tolerant, which I’m very pleased about, given the summer weather we’ve just experienced!
Verbena bonariensis has sprouted up in every gap and crack there is and rudbeckia lacianata which I split into 4 in the spring is at least 6 foot tall and flowering heavily with lemon yellow shaggy blooms..

Verbenas have sprung up everywhere!

Bishop of Llandaff dahlia over winters in the garden and is stronger than ever.

The Sedums will soon be colouring up, and out of nowhere, a couple of nicotiana sylvestris seedlings are sprouting up, their scent in the evening will be wonderful when in flower.

Beautiful rudbeckias, with their green cones were a gift from Anchorman quite a few years ago now.

And here they are along with deep cerise Buddleia, total opposites in colour and shape.

A new shrub, Hebe salicifolia peeping through the verbenas.

Hydrangea Silver Dollar is at the back of the garden, I’ve put down a couple of saucers of water after finding a bright green frog here.

Graham Thomas flowering again.

So many fruits on Malus Butterball…I think it’s time it was planted in the garden and out of its tub.

I grew some Swan River Daisies, they’re so dainty and pretty, shall save some seed for next year.

So many snails in my garden, they have their own special place, if only they would stick to it!

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Great blog Janey. Your garden is looking beautiful. Love the rudbeckias. My R.deamii aren't out yet.

14 Aug, 2018


What a lot of lovely colour Janey! I do like your Swan River Daisies . . . and great to hear mention of Anchorman - is he still around do you know?

15 Aug, 2018


Some new ones I bought Meadow, are still looking sad, but they seem to have been nibbled, I've had so many white butterflies in the garden, I think their caterpillars are the culprits...:(

Thanks Karen, it's been a great summer here, and another hot sunny day today.. I'm so pleased you're doing well with your open days, your garden is a joy to see and a credit to you.

Hi Sheila..yes, I love those, just a packet of seeds from Wilkos, but so pretty for tubs and baskets..:))
I don't know about Anchorman Sheila...I pop in and out of GoY when I can. I'm spending a lot of time with Mum, she's 96 now, but not so steady..

15 Aug, 2018


Thanks Janey, I shall look out for some of those seeds. I was trying to remember Anchorman's name the other day (he'd written a blog about long-flowering perennials), so you helped me! I've just looked up his profile - still there, not deleted, but hasn't posted for several years.

Your Mum must be very grateful for your company; hope she doesn't live too far away from you.

15 Aug, 2018


Lovely blog Janey,your garden looks beautiful.

15 Aug, 2018


I'll dry some Sheila when it's time and send them onto you. Thanks Sheila, yes Mum is about 10 miles from me and partially sighted, but still managing up to now...:))

Aww thanks Callie, I've really enjoyed it this year!

15 Aug, 2018


Lots of good colour in your garden Janey ... lovely photos.

15 Aug, 2018


Wow thanks Janey - I'll PM you my new address . . .

15 Aug, 2018


Thanks Tt, yes late summer colour is really lovely..

16 Aug, 2018


Wow you do have some fabulous colour in your garden, we are short of colour atm, hopefully it will come back now we have rain and cooler temperatures..
Your garden is an absolute picture.....

16 Aug, 2018


Aww, thank you very much Dd...I've remembered to feed the pots and tubs this has made a difference..

17 Aug, 2018


It sure does.....

20 Aug, 2018


Janey, your garden is so full of colour, looks wonderful!

21 Aug, 2018


Thanks's not too bad this year..ha ha!
All the wet and all the heat has certainly suited it!

22 Aug, 2018


Beautiful pictures, your garden is very colourful :)

26 Aug, 2018


Thanks very much Hywel, it's having a good water today..:))

26 Aug, 2018


Yes it's very wet isn't it :)

26 Aug, 2018


Very and cold here...:((

26 Aug, 2018


Here too, not a bit like August :(
but I am still wearing my shorts ! lol

26 Aug, 2018


Ha ha...brave boy! I put my heating on for a short while, then remembered 2 hours later!

26 Aug, 2018


Heating on here also. Maybe we'll have a nicer autumn :)

27 Aug, 2018


Janey - I have several spare seeds: Salvia viridis 'pink sundae', Malva moschata alba, and Lythrum salicaria (purple loosestrife). Do let me know if you'd like any of these :)

2 Sep, 2018


Oh lovely! Yes please, I'd love to try the Salvia and the Malva, I do have the purple loosestrife, it does pop up here and there..
That's great, both the Salvia and the Malva, should be happy in the heat...thanks so much..X

2 Sep, 2018


On their way soon . . . x

3 Sep, 2018


Your garden still as beautiful Janey.
Just nipped on here for 5 mins.
You look well to xx

11 Nov, 2018


Wow, Sandra how lovely to see you! I've not checked in for over a week and here you are...:)))
You are looking very well and just as pretty as ever.. Like you, I belong an art class and it's great...I love watercolours.. Hope alls well,with Baz and the family...Xx

20 Nov, 2018

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