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By Harli


Good news! A lady who loves to garden but has no yard wants to plant my garden and will start this weekend. She asked if I wanted anything planted and told her it is her garden, but I would like red potatoes which grow wonderful here.
She was like a kid in a candy shop. I never saw anyone get excited over “wonderful dirt” and “compost” before, ha ha.
She looked around my yard and named a couple things I didn’t know I had including; chives, a giant rosemary bush, and mint. I knew we had rows of raspberries but there is one row in front of them that looked like sticks. She said they are a berry, either boysenberry or something called marionberry. Oh yes, she even found a blueberry bush in the front yard.
As she left, she turned to me and said.. Lady, you live in the garden of Eden. Ha Ha. Isn’t that awesome?

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Good for you Harli. On her next visit, ask her if she is willing to travel to the USA :) Very awsome indeed and I believe that you have made someone VERY happy by letting her into your garden.

7 Apr, 2008


Thank you Mike, but I live in the USA in Washington State. I had 23 people reply to my ad to use the garden within 24 hrs, so there are lots of gardeners out there.

7 Apr, 2008


Ooops ! Sorry for not paying attention to your location. That was quite a reply to your ad. Sounds like you picked the right person though.

8 Apr, 2008


Well done you - so glad you've found someone. Make sure she checks with you for your favourites, though, because it is still YOUR garden, Harli! Now please ask her to GET RID of that pink weed in your photo before it seeds itself everywhere!

8 Apr, 2008


Mike ~ Yes, I do think I picked the right person. Her husband is leaving in 3 weeks for Iraq and she is so glad to have the garden to help. My husband was in Viet Nam, and before I met him I had a fiancee who was killed in Viet Nam, so I sure can understand her feelings.

Spritzhenry ~ That was the first things I told her. The whole garden has a layer of that weed and they will be the first thing she does. I removed all from the rest of my property.

8 Apr, 2008


Hi Harli! I've been reading here recently about new moves to get people without a garden, but who want one, to take on a garden belonging to someone who has one, but either doesn't want, or cannot manage, one. If I had the time, I could readily expand. I hope that you and your lady will enjoy a happy relationship. It bodes well if she's already referring to it as "Eden". Good Luck! Spritz, I always leave my dead nettle to flower, as it is a food source for several moth varieties. It attracts bees, who pollinate it. It is only invasive because it belongs to the mint family (this, Your Honour, is the case for the Defence).

9 Apr, 2008


David ~ Thank you. I believe it will be a positive experience for both of us. In our state they have what they call "pea patches" on government land, and you can sign up for a few rows free. The local universities offer free seeds and plants from their horticulture depts. They take care of the watering, but the rest is up to you. They are very popular.

10 Apr, 2008


Wow! Free seeds, and someone else to do the watering? Sounds to me like Washington IS "Eden" ! Keep us posted on the progress, please.

10 Apr, 2008

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