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By Harli


I just got some new solar flowers and I totally love them. They leave the
prettiest design on the yard. I have them on stone right now, but they also came with shepherds hooks to stake in the flowers if I wish. I also have some solar tiki lights that flicker and they work awesome. Anyone else but me like solar lights in the yard?

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I like the way they make those patterns on the floor. They're very nice.

3 Jul, 2009


I'd not seen these before, i like them :)

3 Jul, 2009


There lovely, where can i buy them ........

3 Jul, 2009


I have a couple of solar butterflies but these are lovely. Where are they sold please.

3 Jul, 2009


Ooooooooooo these look Fantatsic Harli :)

3 Jul, 2009


Hi Harli yes I love any sort of solar lights in the garden and yours are really great, I have just uploaded two shots of my garden at night for you to have a look at and all the lights you see are solar.

3 Jul, 2009


nice !!

3 Jul, 2009


Hi Harly, export these to UK and I'm sure you'd make a fortune. They're brill.

3 Jul, 2009


I doubt we have the same stores, but I got them at Wal-Mart here in America.
Bob ~ Your yard is beautiful and very inviting.

3 Jul, 2009


Wow i love these! We don't have Wal-mart, i think our Asda is part of Wal-mart, and Woolworths was i think but its closed down now :0(

3 Jul, 2009


Thanks Harli we have a Wal-Mart here in England but it goes under the name ASDA, occasionally we get some products that are also sold in America but as electricals go I think the voltage is very different, I think you are on 110v? We operate on 250v.

4 Jul, 2009


Oh Bob, I forgot about that. I remember I had to bring an adapter when I toured Europe many years ago.

Here is a link to the item though, just in case :)

5 Jul, 2009


Never mind a link Harli, just wach your yard as I'm coming over there soon and I feel a little 'light' fingered.........

Only kidding really. They are fantastic though

5 Jul, 2009


Watch it Ian, I have two dachshund guard dogs with
rottweiler hearts. LOL Sorry about your stroke. I had one also and they are no fun. I pray for better health for you and your wife.

5 Jul, 2009


Thanks Harli I just checked out the link and I logged on and asked the question if our Asda will get them in, I hope so they are lovely, I know that those lights will not require an adapter as they are solar but we have a lamp made from a cowrie shell which we bought in Hawaii, I have not had the heart to take it apart to convert it just in case it won't convert but the adapter sounds a good idea, I will try to get one of those.

5 Jul, 2009


Good luck with that Bob. You're right, voltage shouldn't matter when it's solar. Geez! Well, you must remember that I am
blonde, senior and had a stroke so it's a triple whammy.
Amazing I can remember my kids. LOL

5 Jul, 2009


Thats o.k. I had said about voltages in the first place Doh!!! Homer Simpson moment or what? :o))))
I have sent an e-mail to an electrical superstore here in England called Maplins, you probs heard of them, and they sent one back saying they do have the U.S.A. to English adapters usually but just out of stock at the mo' should get them back in soon, they are around £15 (approx $21) will get an e-mail when they have them

6 Jul, 2009

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