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Had to buy them...


Not been a good day in the office today, very stressful, moving everything to a new office, then computers, printers and the likes not working….by lunchtime I had aged 50 years with stress so went out for a breath of fresh air and ended up in Wilko’s gardening department. Had a browse through the newly displayed seeds and just had to buy some. The pretty packets were calling my name and begging to be purchased.
I bought Sweet Pea (Giant Wave), Nastertium (Empress of India), Antirrhinum (Monarch Mixed), Calendula (Nova, Pot Marigold), Aquilegia (Nora Barlow Mixed), and a couple of bags of bulbs (Iris & Freesia). Then wandering back to the office, I popped in the cheapie shop and found a couple of bags of Flag Iris, (for the pond area) for 50p a bag! I felt sooooooooooo much better after buying them, but it was dark when I got home so will have to wait until Saturday to plant them….it’s going to be a long week waiting!
I’ve absolutely no idea where they’re all going to go – you get 1700 Antirrhinum seeds for just 40p! I’ll end up giving most of them away no doubt. But it’ll be great fun growing them, unfortunately I’ll run out of window ledge space in the house for them all and hubby might not be best pleased that the seeds will get more attention than him or the cats. I’ll just drag him round the garden centre as a special ‘treat’ at the weekend….don’t think he’ll see it as a ‘treat’ for him though! LOL!

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Nice to know your ready and waiting Greenfingers. We are all just sitting...waiting....clutching our armfuls of seed packets...Shall I ...shant I .....1 more day.....maybe tomorrow...come of February........

28 Jan, 2009


I know how you feel Greenfingers I am desperate to start growing my flower seeds. There is only so many times that you can read the instructions on the back of packets. Good luck with yours. :o)

28 Jan, 2009


So you've got one who doesn't like GCs as well! Mine refuses to come with me now. He he. I don't mind! I can have fun browsing on my own!

28 Jan, 2009


I must be lucky mine loves the GCs but hates shopping in general, so we make a day of it, all the GCs are together covering about 7 (all off the one main road) miles so we start at one end have lunch or a snack halfway look for the best price, they are all very competative, buy what we want, he never even quibbles if it is rather more than we expected!! and as long as we are home for tea ( likes his cuppa, and slice of cake)! ! !

29 Jan, 2009


I'm going out of my mind waiting to plant seeds. I've already started some lupines, columbine and pampas grass. Too early I know but I couldn't help myself. :o)

It sounds like you found a great deal on your irises. Well done. I hope you have a good day on Saturday out in the shed planting away.

30 Jan, 2009


Thanks Gilli - I think we're all eager to get going and who cares if it's too early to plant seeds - I don't, and I can't wait til tomorrow - seed trays are ready, compost bag ready, labels ready, I'M READY TO GO! I keep looking at the pretty seed packets and hoping mine will turn out just as good as the pics on them.
Gotta log off now and get ready for work, I'll be late, arghhhhh!

30 Jan, 2009


Like all you lot i can't wait to sow all my seeds, & must admit i'm terrable when i go in wilko's first place in there is garden section.

30 Jan, 2009


LOL Clarice.....its like a compulsion isn't it. I'm not sure what Wilko's is but whatever store I go in, if it has a garden section I go there first. I just can't settle to shop until I've had a look at the plants and supplies.

Have fun tomorrow GF.

31 Jan, 2009


Gilli - Wilkos is a shop which sells practically everything...from toiletries, gifts, furniture, craft stuff, pet stuff, household stuff etc, they have a great selection of seeds. Sadly though I don't think the staff know much about gardening as there always seems to be dead or dying plants on the shelves.

2 Feb, 2009


just sorted out which seeds can be sown now and lots of seed will last for several years. I tend to sow in a small pot rather than a tray, that way i dont waste too much seed, one packet of antirhinums lasts 5yrs and is still viable. The seedlings get a good root run before i prick them out.

i love wilko's too. do you ever buy packs of plants from morrisons? Had some goodies from there too.

12 Feb, 2009


Sadly no Morrisons nearby, but I hear they're good for gardening bargains! And who loves a bargain? Gardeners! Good idea about the pots over seed trays, less compost too, more economical and better root systems too!

13 Feb, 2009

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