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Square Foot Garden 2008


I cannot believe how quickly the growing seasons change. Last week it snowed (really unusual in Hampshire) and this week I’m planting Strawberries!! Still thats gardening!!

What I’ve planted so far – Potatos in pots, Carrots, Shallots, Garlic, Raspberries, Lettuce (Cos under cloche), Brocolli, Beetroot, Cut and come again lettuce (also known as baby leaf), and I still have some of the cabbages. I’ve also planted up some strawberries in front of the beds where the herbs were (I wasnt really appreciating the herbs and they were getting too big) and an Apple in a container (decided it would be nice to try something different – Queen Cox and Greensleves). So not bad for a start – I’ve made copies of where everything went last year and being careful not to put things in the same places – moved everything round one – we shall see how we go!! Hope you will join me over the season. The large item covered up in a fleece jacket is my banana that started off life as a little baby from the Eden Project now look at it!!!

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I have a similar raised bed I've constructed, to trial this year! I've planted some calabrese, onion sets and have bean seedlings I will plant out next month! Good luck with your veg :)

13 Apr, 2008


Sounds like we have very similiar things growing this year. I still have my potatoes to do and strawberry plants though, shall do this week weather permitting, but need a trip to diy to get compost first, hate that bit, the bags are so heavy!

What are the great things, they look like bits out of a fridge, guess they are to stop cats and such like ?

13 Apr, 2008


you are off to a great start , looking forward to watching your progress , btw the Datura is becoming a monster , lol . x x

14 Apr, 2008


Hi, yes the white things are out of an old fridge - they are great because the cats cant getto the soil and because they are covered in white plastic they dont rot or rust. Recycling I guess but they've done for several years so far.

14 Apr, 2008


Good idea with the fridge things, I have had problems with cats a little! and love to recycle things, think I might have some bits in the shed, such a horder hee hee. My stawberries are looking good big but still green as yet, how are yours doing ? I have netted mine this year, dont want the birdies to get them!

4 Jun, 2008


Notice the poly tunner thing too, where did you get that one, is it local ? might be an idea for next year. I have cut up lots of plastic bottles this year as best I can to keep things warmy. :)

4 Jun, 2008


B & Q were selling them off last year for £6.00 which I thought that was quite reasonable.

16 Jun, 2008

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