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By Gee19


I’m so happy – the sun has shone all day and it had real warmth in it. It is now 5.30pm and it’s still light outside. I’ve actually been able to do some gardening and I don’t care if I have back ache tomorrow!!

I was disappointed a few days ago to see that the cold weather and damp conditions had spoiled a lot of my white camelia blooms (the first flower opened on Christmas day).

But there are still lots of fat buds waiting to open…..

…and there are plenty on the red camelia which is in a much more sheltered spot.

I began by forking over the flowerbeds all round the back garden and discovered that I had some daffodil leaves poking through the soil….

…and the miniature pink climbing rose had put on some new growth.

My little group of London Pride had suffered at the hands (or paws) of the mole and were on the tilt so I replanted them – but I bet he doesn’t leave them alone!

Don’t know what this fern is called. It’s growing under the red camelia.

This little rhododendrum (or is it an azalea?) also has lots of buds showing. It was beautiful last year.

Finally, the little clematis Pixie which is in a pot outside my kitchen door, has some tiny little buds.

When it came to the lawn I just didn’t know where to start or what to do. Mr Mole has caused chaos over the last few weeks. There are no huge molehills but he has tunnelled all along the brick edging of the lawn and gone right across the lawn from one side to the other (just under the surface so it forms a ridge). In the end I decided to just walk over all the ridges and flatten them! I don’t know how long it will last – I fully expect to wake up tomorrow and find dear Mole has redone all his tunnelling.

Then I mowed the lawn, set high, just to lift all the winter debris from the surface. It looks so much better.

A lovely day….

.. and a lovely red sky to finish it off. Hope you were all equally blessed.

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An interesting set of photos.
You've done a good day's work.
My puppy wouldn't let me do gardening !
I did work on some seedlings in my kitchen, and we enjoyed the sunshine.
Your pink sky picture is lovely. :o)

21 Feb, 2009


Yes Gee it was lovely here today so naturally gardening won, you have the promise of some beautiful blooms there .......

21 Feb, 2009


Great to see all the buds Gee.A lovely warm day here too...nice to get out again,tidying and of all things weeding ! Yes,some tiny dandelions poking through among the bulbs.Went straight to our elderly rabbit !
Yes looks like an azalea you have there with nice fat buds !
Beautiful sky to round off your day ! : )

21 Feb, 2009


nice blog, lovely sky and so many plants to look forward too, i wanted to mow my lawn but its just too wet here yet.

21 Feb, 2009


We had a sunny day, but a chilly wind - but I got out there and did a lot - three trugs full of stalks and weeds, an armful of dead Clematis tangutica, and some prunings. I didn't finish what I needed to do - but I did plant some more Ipomoea in the propagator. All the seeds have germinated in there except Verbena bonariensis! I do have trouble getting them to germinate. Sadly, the cuttings I took last year all failed, as well. :-(

21 Feb, 2009


looks like londons pride to me

21 Feb, 2009


sorry Gee 19 just a bit later than the rest

21 Feb, 2009


great blog!I got out all day today and it was great! digging and just preparing the borders!

21 Feb, 2009


It certainly was a lovelly day. Also managed some garden tidying and even transplanted a couple of things that were in the wrong place. Supposed to be nice again tomorrow so will be back in garden.

21 Feb, 2009


Well done Gee. It was great that you were able to get out and get things done. You look to have tons of blooms waiting to burst forth. Very exciting. Mr Mole certainly seems to be having fun in your garden. Aren't they a nuisance sometimes?
I was able to get out today my snow boots of course.!! LOL But I was able to start pruning. Tidied up my honeysuckle, cut back my clematis and started trimming the water sprouts off the apple tree. You have no idea how it perked me up to be out.

22 Feb, 2009


What a lovely sunset to ent the day Gee. Your Camelias look strong and healthy. I think that little shrub is an Azalea. I like them I have two in pots. Hope it's going to be nice today but it feels a bit cold here.

22 Feb, 2009


a great photo of the sky

22 Feb, 2009


It was a lovely sunny day wasn,t it ! I didn,t get any gardening done :o( it was an away day , I did stop at a garden centre on the way , had a quick look round and bought a couple of plants to make up for it ..

Very nice blog Gee , you will have some glorious blooms when those lovely fat buds open up :o)

22 Feb, 2009


Thanks, everyone. Not such a bright day today but still dry. Shh, keep it quiet, but that mole hasn't noticed I've filled in his tunnels yet!

22 Feb, 2009


Lovely sunset sorry about the mole.Its been nice here for last few days, but cloudy still its been warm, to be able to get out and do things in the garden.

22 Feb, 2009


Great blog and some lovely photos, each day has become warmer, thank goodness, have had a big tidy up, surprised how many buds there are considering how very cold it was.

26 Feb, 2009

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