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By Gee19


I have been stuck indoors, first baking & decorating a birthday cake, then on Sunday I had a bowls competition (no – we didn’t win the trophy!) and today I have been busy drilling and sawing (yes sawing, not sowing).

I treated myself to a new electric drill this morning and purchased some lengths of pine board. For several weeks I have been trying to find a magazine rack cum telephone table cum bookshelf that would fit into the small space between my favourite chair and the wall – and, what do you know, I couldn’t find one anywhere! Couldn’t even find something that I could adapt easily. So this morning I set to work….

My kitchen became a workshop and I began cutting the pieces. Notice the new drill – just under £20 from B&Q. Also notice the wellie (OK Terratoonie?) shaped piece of wood – that’s the top of the unit where the phone will sit.

Wellie shape piece now in place and the bottom magazine rack begins to take shape

Centre shelf added to hold book/s I’m currently reading.

Several hours later, all done and stained. Just a coat of wax polish to add when dry. I am pleased with the result – fits perfectly by the chair – so I have sat here this evening with everything to hand trying to catch up with all your photos and blogs.

I enjoyed my woodworking today but am feeling rather depressed that I can’t get into the garden yet. The front is still very waterlogged and the lawn looks like a mossy mess. I think it will have to go. The back garden is once again under attack by the mole – he has tunnelled all around the lawn edge and along the paths.

I did have a fright in the garden yesterday – I saw the large pigeon land on my bird table, he is a regular visitor, bless him. A few moments later, just before I was about to leave for the bowls tournament, I glanced out and saw him hanging still from the birdtable. I ran out and discovered he had caught his leg on a cup-hook put there to hang nuts on. He was very distressed but I managed to free him and he flew off none the worse, I hope. I didn’t see him today so I really hope he is OK. I have removed the hook (I didn’t know it was there as the bird table was in situ when I moved here) but thought I would warn everyone to be aware of this hazard.

Thought I would add these last two paragraphs here rather than separately to make it more of a gardening blog!

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Well done on the wellie-shaped rack !
This could also be used on its side as a sled for the Winter Wellie Olympics :o)
Is the mole not worried about drowning in your water-logged gardens ?
Good advice about the cup hook.
Well done on rescuing the pigeon.:o)

16 Feb, 2009


Goodness me - what talent! and so quickly, too.

DIY is not my forte, I leave that to helpful husband. :-) Well done, Gee - I'm proud of you!

16 Feb, 2009


Gosh Gee is there anything you cant do?,that is great I will make things for my garden because I can hide any faults amongst my plants but no way could I make anything for indoors,well done and hope you can get outside soon.I also have a very soggy, mossy lawn to sort out and thanks for the warning about birdtable.....

16 Feb, 2009


You're very clever. I was never any good at woodwork in school. I did manage to make a wobbly teapot stand I remember. lol. and a boat that would only float upside-down. !
I noticed you have the same washing machine as me :o) lol
I hope we have a decent spring and summer for you to spend some time in your garden.

16 Feb, 2009


That looks a great unit Gee....well done!

16 Feb, 2009


Well done I am so impressed, not much good with the old drill they say power to your elbow!!

17 Feb, 2009


Well done Gee. That looks marvellous. I wouldn't be able to do anything like that.
Well done rescuing the pidgeon too. I would never have thought that could happen.

17 Feb, 2009


Nice piece of furniture. Well done you are right to be pleased. Glad you were there to rescue pidge as he wouldn't have lasted long without help. Good for you.

17 Feb, 2009


It looks like a professional job Gee and you finished up with what you really wanted well done ...
It,s a good job you were there to rescue the pigeon it could have been seriously damaged even pulled it,s leg off ... yuk

17 Feb, 2009


Thanks everyone. I've always liked messing about with wood and even when I was married I did lots of the DIY and decorating.

I haven't seen the pigeon since the incident with the hook - getting a bit worried about him. Hopefully it just scared him and he will eventually come back for food.

17 Feb, 2009


Well done with your DIY skills thanks for telling us about the hook, will check mine in morning.

17 Feb, 2009


Good skills there Gee...very impressed.And even more impressed that you rescued the pigeon,in the nick of time by the sounds of it.! Sure he will be fine if he flew off ok

17 Feb, 2009


wish my hubby liked DIY!! It looks great and so useful. Another warning is the net on fat balls for birds, small birds can get their feet stuck in them, i always take mine out of the net and put into a special holder.

18 Feb, 2009

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