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A Christmas story


By Gee19


Had a wonderful Christmas
Filled with bustle and joy
No time for computer
No time for GoY

While visitors sleeping
Crept out into the dawn
Still dressing-gown clad
Jack Frost on the lawn

Look what I captured
The first of the year
A snow white Camelia
Did I cut it – no fear!

The bird bath was frozen
And so were my toes
But, camera in hand
Anything goes!

High on the arch
The last little red rose
Crispy and red
(A bit like my nose!)

Snap, snap went the camera
Now brighter the light
Don’t worry about fingers
(After all it’s only frost-bite!)

The greenhouse looked chilly
No sanctuary there
Was I so grey this morning?
No – must be ice in my hair!

Mrs Trotty Wagtail
Flew down for a crumb
But the winds blowing colder
And I’ve got a numb b-m!

Oh now I’ve been spotted
Kneeling down to see daisy
Door flung open wide
And daughter shouts ‘Mum, are you crazy?’

The moral of this story
Is very plain when told
Get dressed to take your photos
Or you’ll end up with a cold!!


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This is lovely Gee19. Great pics, brilliant verse and some super plants in your garden. I'm like you, very often in the garden in my dressing gown as soon as it's daylight, hope you feel better soon. Happy New Year.

1 Jan, 2009


I love your poem Hope you feel better soon ,great photos .

1 Jan, 2009


hi Gee Jane here....bonkers having a snooze...just like you Im often in garden in dressing gown...topping up feeders etc...goodness knows what people think if they spot me! Love your pics...esp trotty wagtail...sure youre maknig sure she doesnt go hungry.!

1 Jan, 2009


Hi Jane, do you wear your wellies at the same time as your dressing gown, like me, lol. I rolled down the bank into my pond one icy morning, brrrrr! Hope Ray enjoys his well deserved nap.!

1 Jan, 2009


Me too. Dressing gown and wellies or snowboots. I try to stay where the neighbours can't see me.

Great blog Gee. Hope you soon feel better.

1 Jan, 2009


Hi Dawn...I wear my Christmas present fur lined slippers to keep my feet warm....but the neighbours can still see me at the top of the garden....but do I really care?

1 Jan, 2009


Bonkers just woke up and demands pics of us all.Says and you think Im bonkers LOL

1 Jan, 2009


Beyond the call of duty, in my opinion! Wonderful blog, even more wonderful pics!

1 Jan, 2009


Great rhyming rundown of your activities. We never stop, do we...I can only venture out in my pjs and robe by cover of darkness...I live on a hill where the whole world can see me...not that they are looking...just another crazy old lady..I've been sick with bronchitis but I go out anyway..our high temp for today was 63 degrees F and it seems a shame to waste it...

2 Jan, 2009


lol . I enjoyed reading that.
Happy new year ! and I hope your cold is better soon.

2 Jan, 2009


Great rhyme and set of photos.

Some years ago we had our bathroom re-done over a 5 week period. With 4 children under six I set up a hosepipe from the hot and cold taps in the garden room and sprayed the children down on the patio. My husband used the same facility. When it came to my turn there always seemed to be neighbours on their balconies. I was shy and resorted to a tent down the garden and buckets of water. We back onto a public park and I used to chuckle as I sloshed away merrily - what would those park visitors think if they knew what was going on just over the hedge?!!!

2 Jan, 2009


hope your feeling better soon.
i had just gotten over the flu before christmas and went out to feed Benny the robin, i was sitting on the back step just jeans an t shirt on and realised just how i had gotten the flu in the first place lol. so fleece on for me now whenever i got out

2 Jan, 2009


Lovely blog , hope you get well soon.

2 Jan, 2009


Lovely blog Gee. Get well soon, there's a lot of it about!

2 Jan, 2009


what a talented lot the goy people are thats a wonderful poem very clever!!! i love it wish i was as good with words!

4 Jan, 2009


Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments. Someone once said 'there is a poet born in all of us, but in most he dies young'!! I couldn't resist joining the GoY poets but after that effort I think my inborn poet has just expired!! :)

4 Jan, 2009


Great blog Gee and I loved your photographs, get over that nasty cold soon.....Spring is only around the corner lol.....I am still waiting for my camellias to flower, they have lots of fat buds!

5 Jan, 2009


Lovely story, hope the cold is soon better, Happy New Year

6 Jan, 2009


Just catching up with blogs.
Wonderful photos and good poetry :o)

7 Jan, 2009

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