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I'm back! I've not been on here for ages and now the garden is back to the state it was in to start with oh the I'm sorting it out I'm back to being busy digging up our negleted over-grown garden that's full of ant hills, weeds, ivy, icky muddy soil, weird twiggy things growing through the grass, tree stumps, broken fence panels and bugs galore. Fun so far! I've never done any gardening before and haven't a clue what I'm doing so I'm learning as I go along. So far I've cleared lots of overgrowth and taken tree bits down the tip.... hmmm now what? I'm enjoying the garden wildlife, found some frogs newts, lots of birds, even the neighbours cats are quite endearing. When the garden is looking a bit more garden like I'll put up some pictures, far too ashamed of the state of it to put any up yet!

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Ant hill problem - how to get rid?

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