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Hi Im EllieH,
I have been gardening for 35 years or more. Nearly always vegatables, I love eating and sharing what I grow. My garden is quite small and nearly all paved as we used to have dogs.
I love being outdoors on weekends and evenings weather permitting.
I work in London throughout the week.

I grow a lot of things in pots which I like as you can move them around so easily.

I'm growing chillies and peppers for the first time this year, Ive got lots of chillies some of which have turned red (Paprika variety) very fiery.

Not done so well with the peppers only had 3 so far, I find them difficult to get the right combo of heat and moisture.

My partner Tony has done very well for his first time growing Pink fir potatoes, he has experimented with growing them in pots and in a small patch of garden, we have had a pretty good crop from both.

I tried baby tomatoes this year also for the first time, they have done brilliantly well, we have had about 3lbs so far, I made a lovely tomato sauce with roasted tomatoes for dinner the other evening.

I could do with some help and info about courgettes though very disappointed, I know I have done something wrong, and would love to hear back from anyone with any advice, the leaves turned yellow and the fruit shrivelled and rotted before theye'd hardly begun to grow and that was growing them in pots and in the ground.

Hoping to hear back soon. Ellieh

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County: Kent