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Sinus Valley


It has begun! Sinus season in Sinus Valley. The headache started Monday, the congestion by Monday night, ear ache, face pain, sore throat, then the $15.00 co-pay followed by the cost of the antibiotic for a sinus infection. Never fails. I know, every state (or country) has Sinus Valley somewhere. Fun, fun, fun.

The weather has been dry since the earlier deluge. Now, we could use some rain – and with the humidity increasing – the possibility exists. We’re into maintenance for the most part. Hubby is overwhelmed with clover trying to take over. DD has been kept busy drowning Japanese beetles. We finally gave in and dusted for them – they seem to come in droves. The raspberries have finished producing (sob). So I prune back overgrown annuals and perennials, John weeds and trims, and waters if necessary. All in all, everything looks good.

We have this nasty, viny, weedy thing that we call Creeping Charlie winding it’s way into nearly every nook and cranny, flower and fence in our yard. Someone suggested “painting” it with a weed killer. You gotta be kidding. That would be an endless, useless endeavor. We could start now, work 24/7, and not “paint” all of it in a year! Anybody got a better suggestion?

See some new pics in the photo section when you can.

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You poor thing! What starts your sinuses off? I hope the antibiotics help. I must look at creeping Charlie - he sounds like the devil that plagues me! Appears from nowhere, climbs through my plants and half-strangles them SOOOO fast you can almost watch him grow!!!! P.S. He isn't among your photos - please would you post a photo of him?

31 Jul, 2008


I have horrible allergies - it got so bad once I was told I was not breathing normally and was not getting enough air!! and they gave me asthma medicine - but thankfully that has passed - if you're game, I recommend acupuncture and a product called AllerFree, which is natural enzymes that help alleviate / stop the allergic reaction. Usually I have to combine it with Claritin, but since late May I have managed to only use the AllerFree. Good luck and hope you feel better soon!

31 Jul, 2008

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