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Ok, what’s messing with my roses, and why can’t we get rid of these dorky, over-bearing weeds?

It’s garden maintenance season. It seems like you close your eyes for a second and some opportunistic critter or weed takes over. Anybody got any ideas on how to stop whatever’s putting teensy holes in our rose leaves, or taking huge chomps out of them? It must be two different critters. See the pictures I posted under Questions.

Then there’s the little wild violets….the violets are gone now, but the plants have covered what was the lawn in the middle of our back garden, and are now busily encroaching garden space. Also, the nasty viny stuff I took a picture of with my husband holding a piece(you can see it listed under the Questions section here on Grows on You. ..what is it…and how do you get rid of them and the violets??? Help!!

And while I’m searching for answers and complaining….why did my Jacob’s Ladder die? We just planted it in the spring, and it was beautiful, then one day we woke up and went out and it was near dead – and now is completely dead. The roots seemed to turn into root powder!! What gives??

Oh well, part of the gardening experience that always frustrates me. Guess you gotta take the good with the bad!

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Well, Connie, gardening is always challenging as well as hard work, interesting, fun, pleasurable, enjoyable, soothing, comforting, frustrating, annoying, back-breaking and all the other words you can find to describe it. If everything went well all the time, wouldn't life be dull! P.S. that weed you have - it grows in the fields round here, I'll try to find its name. P.P.S. Jacob's Ladder over here is the name of a pernicious weed that drives me crazy! I can't get rid of it.

21 Jun, 2008


Yes, gardening is all those things...true enough.

As for Jacob's ladder, I'm sure this one must have a botanical name that is "more correct"....but it is most surely not a pernicious weed!! I'll get a pic of it tomorrow and post it....if the second one is still hanging on by a thread, anyway.

21 Jun, 2008


I shall have to climb into my welly boots, go into the stream and take a photo of MY 'Jacob's Ladder' as I can spot one hanging over the edge into the water. Then you can see what I mean. I shall post it as a question, though as I DO NOT want everyone looking at the wretched thing on my page - and thinking I like it! Then we can compare them.

22 Jun, 2008


Connie - I am just going to post my question and photo about 'Jacob's Ladder' but I think the one you are talking about is 'Polemonium' Have a look at my pernicious weed, though! Then tell me if you have it and what you call it.

22 Jun, 2008

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